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Extended Breastfeeding Mums..... Lock Rss

How fantastic it is to hear of all you ladies out there still B/F. My little boy is almost 18 months and still going strong. I have no plans of giving up feeding him for quite awhile yet. I too get comments from family such as "Are you STILL B/F him?" and " He shouldn't need THAT anymore" and my partners Grandma even told me it's embarrassing to feed a walking child!! To all this I proudly quote the W.H.O mantra of recommended B/F to children are 2.That usually quietens them down. There is nothing more rewarding than a happy, healthy B/F bub.
I hope you are going ok kitty. Perhaps it will be a very gradual process.....
My dd was drinking a few times a day then the night dd2 was born - she just stopped. She was more intent on getting dd2 to drink. She didn't ask for it for 4 days and i thought my god! She has weaned herself and gone cold turkey! After that though she has asked a few times and i have fed her. but she will now go for a few days without one. Maybe your dd will feed less and less now that she had such a break. Either way, I hope you are happy and feeling good!
DS is nearly 22 months and we are still going strong smile Despite some disapproval over Xmas while visiting DH's family. They kept saying - "But you CAN'T you're pregnant, it's not possible, how did you even get pregnant?". Made me laugh, I'm pretty sure it is possible actually LOL.

I'm finding it exactly as OC said - the pain is coming and going. I had to stop feeding him on my left side - it's always been dodgy (scar tissue) and the pain just got too much. I think my milk has gone back to colostrum (I can't make it squirt hand-expressing anymore - sorry TMI) but DS is still very keen 1st thing in the morning and at bedtime. He's 2 in just over 2 months. If we get that far I guess I'll move the goalposts again!

Well done kitty and OC you are both doing an amazing job!

Sorry, I just had to share this - very cute.

I was starting to wonder if I was continuing to bf for my sake, not DS's. He is not much of a talker and therefore rarely "asks" for a feed, he seems keen if it's offered. I slept in this morning and he missed his wake up feed. Just before nap time, instead of offering a feed I said to him - "if you want some boob, you go to the boob spot". He ran down the hallway, climbed up on couch (faster than I've ever seen him) where I feed him, got the pillow I put behind my back and patted it into place, then sat waiting, with the little towel I roll up and put under my boob when feeding (big boobs LOL) across his lap and a big grin on his face.

Hmmmm, I think he's still keen, what do you think? LOL

Hi All!

Just wanted to pop in to say... so happy to see this thread is still around! This thread was always very helpful when i was BF dd3 and on those days when it just seemed all too much there was always so much support here.

DD3 weaned herself @2 when i was about 12 weeks pregnant with DD4 and we have just hit the 5 month mark with DD4 so im sure i will be popping in and out of here for another year or so for more support, advice and chats...

Just thought I'd drop by too. DD is 15 months old. Still loves the boobs. She'll drink water from a sippy cup. Tried to give her cows milk from a sippy cup many times but she won't drink it. No signs of wanting of get off BM.

Where do/did you purchase your breastfeeding bras?


I have only just joined the huggies website and was excited to find this thread and others who are still feeding their babies past 12mths!

I fed my DS until he was 17mths, and then I only stopped because even though I know its possible to get pregnant my DH and I had been trying for a while with no success... as soon as I stopped I was pregnant! Not planning to have any more for a while so will be planning to feed this one till at least 18mths!

I got so sick of the 'what ur STILL feeding him' comments though, there were only a few people who seemed to think it was great! - my mum in law was one of them whereas my mum who didnt feed her kids past 6wks was a bit surprised i think i stuck at it so long. well done to all those other mums out there feeding past 12mths!!!

Although I have enjoyed reading all the old posts and absolutely planned to continue feeding, I thought I'd wait at least until DS was a year before making my own post! Didn't want to be a 'premature poster'. smile

We had a very difficult start to our breast feeding relationship (months of thrush and infections) but I am so proud that I continued. When my DS had his first solids at 6 months, I felt a mild grief because up until that point, he had never had anything other than mama! Not even water.

I realise he is getting to be a 'big boy' now, but he's still just a baby! I'm enjoying feeding so much now aside from his acrobatics!!

hi all.........i dont belong in this thread yet but just wanted to say to all you lovely people thank you for opening my eyes to possibilities. i dont like to admit it but i was one of 'those' people who used to think negative when people breastfed for more than 18months-2years. i couldnt make feeding work with my DS and ive only been feeding my daughter for 3 weeks but im looking towards the future and feeding for as long as thank you for changing my views and giving me hope

DS 11/01/08 DD 20/12/2009

i'm BF my almost 17mth old DD & will for as long as she wants to i guess....i haven't put that much thought into it as i BF DD1 till she was 2 & 3 months. I did cop alot from some family members with my 1st which made me feel a little upset, some said "are you STILL feeding her"?? or "she isn't getting anything from you now?" but i stuck with my instincts!! I did wean her as i'd fallen prg with DD2 & was 3mths pregnant when she was finally weaned. Second time round tho i don't give a toss what anyone thinks so i guess it feels easier to continue....anway GREAT THREAD!! xo Vick

Awwww Kitty, your DD sounds cute! And no your last comment wasn't out of line, your children are lucky to have a wonderful super-tandem feeding Mum!

I think DS might nearly be done. He has just decided he doesn't want his boob in the morning anymore, if I ask he says "Nooooooo". But so far he's still keen in the evening. I can't for the life of me work out why. My milk went back to colostrum weeks ago and I can't even express 1 drop by hand. I guess his sucking is more efficient than my hand LOL. He wouldn't spend 15 minutes on there every night for nothing would he?

I'll be a bit sad if he stops soon, I was hoping to make it till he was two, we've got just over a month to go. But if he decides to stop I can't complain.

Hi everyone. I'm still breastfeeding my 2.5 year old son and we are about to start TTC number 2. My son is still feeding about 4-5 times in a 24 hour period and I'm a bit worried about getting pregnant and having my milk dry up and then having a very upset little boy! Has anyone had this happen and how did your toddler cope?

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