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Extended Breastfeeding Mums..... Lock Rss

i just wanted to say congrats to all the mums out there who've been feeding for such a long time smile

i breastfed my DD until she was 2 years and 1 month old before she completely weaned and i was totally stoked with making it to the 2 year mark but by that stage, i was ready to stop and felt i'd given it my all for long enough. it was me who made the decision to wean. I think had i not, my DD would still be feeding now LOL

im now 6 weeks pregnant with baby number 2 and hoping to be able to feed for as long as we are both content again.

well done to everyone else smile

It was great to come across this thread.

I have 4 girls. I have breastfed all for 2 years each.

My youngest is 7 months and we are still going strong with breastfeeding. It so good to hear so many other mothers talking about how good it is too bf.
Hi all,

I haven't loooked in the toddler section for ages, I'd forgotten all about this thread!!
I looked back and my last post was that I was thinking of weaning my son as I wanted to TTC...well, I got PG whilst still feeding, he self weaned when I was about 3 months gone, and now my DD is still having her booby and she's nearly 13 months!! Time flies, eh?

Well done to all you BF mummies, however long you manage it for!


HI ladies
Just wanted to pop in and say Hi.
I have been feeding DD2 for almost 23months (wow cant believe she is 2 soon lol). I'm so glad we have got this far, I had terrible attachment issues with DD1 so expressed for her and I am so happy to still be feeding DD2. She is such a boobies girl I think i will be feeding her for a while lol

Hi - just interested in your thoughts... Am going back to work in a couple of months - dd will be 13 months then. Am still breastfeeding. I'm only going back three days a week, and I wonder whether I need to express to give her a day-time feed for those three days, or if (at that age) bubs can cope without a day feed?

She currently has a morning feed, an after lunch feed, an after dinner feed and a bedtime feed (plus the odd waking during the night feed). I will keep up the day feed on my days off and at the weekends, but wonder if I can get by without the day feed when I am at work?

I have another daughter who I fed until she was 25 months but she is 5 years older than this bubs. I expressed for her, but it was hard work and if I don't have to, I won't.

Any thoughts?? Thanks.
Oh the comments. I agree with whoever said that its drummed into us at birth to breastfeed but hit 6-12mths & its like, why are you still breastfeeding? I just say that Lukas (now 12mths) wont take a bottle, which he never has. Most bottle fed babies are on it till around 2 so back off! Sometimes I think he doesnt really need it for hunger but its a comfort to him. Still has 3-4 a day. Left him with my Mum other day & he only had morn & night feed before bed & was fine. He only really wants went getting tired, feeds then goes to bed awake & settles himself. Better than taking a bottle to bed & sucking that to sleep.

Good on us all.
Just dropping back in!
I was sooka's mum.
DD weaned at 18 months, but we have restarted feeding and she is nearly 2.5 and we are going well. Very proud of all the women in this thread, lovely to chat to you all. smile
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