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Extended Breastfeeding Mums..... Lock Rss

i have taught dd the hand sign for milk and she does this when she wants it, she has just staying "mine" at the same time. its so cute and funny! She fights with dh, LOL. oh and i am a righty!
unfortunately i couldnt breastfeed my first son due to extreme tounge-tie now that im expecting i cant wait to breastfeed for as long as i can into toddlerhood if thats the way it happens.
Morning Kitty,
Hope you have a great holiday, lucky girl!
And Yes definately a delight to feed in the second year. I would never have imagined that something that was so tough and exhausting in the begining could turn out to be so rewarding!
A lot of you said left breast was the fave. Kai has always prefered the right. Just wondering If most of you are left handed and if that would be the reason?


You lucky chick Kitty, going on holidays!! I am jealous, I would love to get away, but my ideal holidays would not include the kiddies, LOL.

Sounds like Eva is being a right little boobie monster!! I hope Trinity goes back to having more feeds. I have not offered her much besides water today and I only gave her 70mls of milk with dinner. She did have a feed of boob in the arvo after her nap, so that's good, YAY!!

How did you all teach your bubs the sign for boob and what is it?? lol. Trinity usually just pulls at my top when she wants it, so she is able to communicate what she wants, but it's not the most appropriate way if we are at the shops or out and about.

kirakai ~ I am right handed, so I have no idea why she favours the left. Is it to do with your heartbeat maybe??
i have heard that 99% of people hold a new baby on their left side, its to do with the heartbeat and a caveman theory or something.... interesting though, next time you see a new bub being passed around just observe and i'll bet most hold it on their left side!

woot woot whilst at work tonite i met a fellow Bf'der her son is 13 months too it was a real confidence boost to chat to her!

Benmar, i use the hand sign for milk when ever i feed dd or ask her if she wants booby. It is just opening and closing of the fist, similar to what you would do if you were milking a cow! LOL! I started around six months and she was about 10 months when she first signed back. I thought she would say booby as well as this is what i say when i make the sign, but no she says mine! If she doesn't get what she wants if she really wants it she starts to pull at my top too.

kirakai, dd prefers the right and i think it is because early on in establishing BF and milk supply i would take her back to bed with me for the 3am feed, and she would always be on the right as she would be in the middle of the bed for us(i sleep on the left) where she would pretty much stay till the morning. I believe because of this i ended up with more supply in my right and then let down became more easy as this side was always fuller and so this led to her preference. No matter what i have tried since i realised i have not been able to change it.
Makes sense. My left hand is just about completely useless, so I have allways been more comfertable feeding Kai on right side. He must of picked up on that.


Well done everyone on bf. We all know how trying it can be at times.

I bf my DD for 18mths and 3 days lol, and can't wait to do it again.

Charlie went through a very fussy stage at 9/10mths where she would only feed 1 or 2 mins and if a pin dropped that would be it, distracted. I thought she was weaning, but thankfully stuck through it, and she got alot better after that. She was easier to feed at 18mths than at 9 mths I think!

Charlie girl 15/01/06 & Dean the Machine 22/08/09

I still breastfeed my 16 month old with no plans to stop at the moment. We've had our ups and downs where she has gone through fussy phases but lately she's been going strong and you can see how excited she gets when she knows it is feed time. I feed first thing in the morning and again before bed.

I am quite proud of myself as I've been back at work since she was 9 months old and we've still kept at it. I haven't had any negative reactions, though I haven't fed in public for ages so maybe that is why.

I'm interested in the whole right Vs left favouritism thing. I am left handed and my baby prefers the right breast - always has. I find it easier to feed this side too. I also carry her on my right hip. I have wondered if left handed mums have a favoured right side and vice versa? Interested in what your experiences have been.
i breastfed my daughter until she was two and only stopped when i became pregnant again. I would have continued except it became a bit painful. I absolutely loved it and hope to feed at least as long with number two. I have always understood that bub prefer the side that is opposite to whatever hand mum uses because we are more comfortable on that side and have more control. Also, does anyone feeding an older baby find other people find it strange? I think its really sad.


Hi everyone. I've had quite a few comments about it being time to give up B/Feeding by friends, family, and Doc. Kai has a very limited diet because he is sensitive and allergic to a lot of foods, so I think as long as he is having a few drinks from me, it's doing him good. He was down to a feed every few days, but he has had a cold and is teething so has fed from me every day lately. He was upset the other day and I asked if he wanted a feed. He started lifting up my top, shook his head no, started lifting top again, shook his head no. He just couldn't decide. So funny.


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