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Extended Breastfeeding Mums..... Lock Rss

Met a Mum of triplets the other day at tennis, she bf them all with one missing out and having a bottle on a rotating basis. That would be a challenge!! She was a dynamo!
I am still persisting with the cows milk at lunch without much success but have decided to drop the morning feed in 2 weeks time as they seem happy to play then and only really demand the evening one. Feels a bit more like it's their choice.
Cows milk still not a favourite, going to try toddler formula tomorrow. Any ideas guys?? I am worried they won't drink any milk at all once I stop feeding all together. (which won't be when they are 4 contrary to busy bodies popular opinions!!)
Kitty.. Breastfeeding twins is not hard at all. Just have to do the football hold with a big pillow. Only had to comp feed for a few weeks for one of them as she was a bit smaller but that didn't last long. I am so lucky it has been so easy.


Hi ladies,

Thought I'd pop in here and say hi smile]

It's lovely to see everyone here celebrating your breastfeeding achievements!

I'm very proud that my lovely DD is breastfed and still going strong at almost 20 months.

I'd love to hear more about all of your experiences!

What age does everyone consider to be "extended" breastfeeding?

I don't really like the term "extended" because of the implication that it's breastfeeding longer than is the biological norm for children (the worldwide average is 4.5 years! that's a good one for the busy bodies who think how you feed your child is their business lol) but I would say that perhaps anything longer than about 3 years is what I would consider to be extended. I use the term sustained breastfeeding for my breastfeeding relationship with my DD.

I'd also love to hear what sort of challenges everyone has come up against? And how did you deal with them?

Until next time!

WOW congrats to all of yas!
I think I may b the longest sucker on here lol!
as by the ticker..cant balive its gone so quick and with no signs of slowing yet! he feeds mare often than a newborn..very hour or two during day and at midnight he comes to bed with us b/f back to zzz!damn gorgeous lil fella andi am happy with him, he will give up a few during day if i persist but it normally makes for a grumpy night lol. I will post more when time is available! takecare all and look forward to chatting more

i'm still feeding my 17 month old son and don't plan to stop just yet. my dh would like me to but thats only because he wants them back for himself! i fed my older 2 until they were over 2, they basically weened themselves off. i don't have a set routine with him, he has it when he wants it.
[Edited on 19/03/2008]

I take my hat off to all you demand feeders! Good job I say.
I am a bit of a clock watcher. My poor little girls!
Just thought I'd mention that I think i was kidding myself when I said I would drop my morning feed soon. I can't! Not really sure why I am trying to wean??
Ladies you are all an inspiration. Thank you.
Tried formula at lunch... they hated it so much they have started drinking cows milk now!Ha ha!


Haven't been in here lately, welcome to the girls who have dropped in to share! Still going strong our way, Jack only on a morning and night feed but some days he just wants 'yum yums'. like when he wakes up from a nap and sits on my lap, he'll start crying cause he's hot and grumpy and just 'assume the position' by flinging himself back and looking at my chest! what a cheeky bug ger! He also has about 50mls of cows milk with breakfast, its more a treat as he gets a bit of exema on his face so i dont like him to have too much!
Keep up the input the support is great!

I breastfeed my daughter til she was 15 months old and we both enjoy that moment between us two and it was specail and I was sad when I stop breastfeeding but when Jaye sees my boobs she still remembers what I did for her and I would definity breastfeed again.

I use to get the comment on" Oh you are still breastfeeding and isnt she abit older for the boob now. They always had something to say about but it use to annoy me how people could ruin a good moment between you and bubs cause they didnt approve of it but who cares and keep going with it til you are already to stop.

Tracey,Jaye (girl)12/06/05, Sam (boy)10/07/09

Hi Everyone,

its great to see so many b/f mums none of my friends b/f and they all say its time too stop. I will stop when my son is ready he is 21months the other three children I fed up to 15-18month but they just stopped. I dont think Liam will ever give it up as he wont drink milk from cup or bottle not even breast milk only from me. I find its great if I am out and he is tied or upset dont have to worry about bottles. We are down to 2 feed per day unless sick or upset.
I have enjoyed b/f all four of my children, and have found they all favour the left side.
I feel good about breastfeeding and its great bonding time.

karen ds94 dd96 ds04 ds06

Hey Girls!!

Has been way too long since I dropped in, but it's great to see that you are all still going strong. Well done to the mums feeding more than one bub, my hat's off to you. I struggle with just DD some days, lol.

Well I'm feeling like a bit of a ninny, I have never heard the term 'sustained breastfeeding', would you like me to change the title of the thread?? Just let me know. You would think that a mother of four would have heard of it, I guess I need to get out more??

All is going well here. Trinity is still feeding well. I am still demand feeding, so it varies from day to day. Although I will admit that I have been telling her no on occasion as she sometimes really only seems to want to play and it is not always practical to get them out, only to have her suck twice, smile and then want to get down. Cheeky little chook.

I hope that the cold change hasn't given anyone the flu?? Trinity's asthma seems to creeping up already. I can here her wheezing at night, so it looks like it's going to be a long winter, grrrrrrrrr.

Well I better go and make the kids school lunches. Chat Soon xx

[Edited on 01/04/2008]
Up to you if you want to change the name Mary, I think most parents know it as extended breastfeeding, and mostly wouldn't have heard it called "sustained breastfeeding" either, so might be more approachable for new mums to get support if they're more familiar with the title? I dunno...

Hope Trinity feels better soon!

Hi all,
Just thought I would pop in to say hello and to mention I am still feeding twice a day, hoorah!!..Just morning and night for my almost 16 month old twins. They still love it so much that i can't even think of weaning them. I love it too.
Just wondering if it will be more difficult to wean later as they are older and more aware? Any experiences there? I am praying they decide for themselves, it's got to be the most peaceful/natural way for all.
Keep up the great work ladies.


WOW futagomama - what an achievement, feeding twins for 15 months so far! Well done!

I think with weaning as they grow older, it depends on how quickly you want to wean them, if you are happy to have a slow and gentle weaning, then I don't think it would be harder than weaning before they can understand, just different.
Once they get past a certain age as well, maybe about 2 and a half, then you can also take up other tactics like giving them a voucher for certain amount of breastfeeds per day, or making them a book about them weaning, and reading it to them every night.

I think there are easy things and hard things about weaning at any age!

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