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Extended Breastfeeding Mums..... Lock Rss

Good point about the extended breastfeeding term Chicken. I think I'll just leave it as is.

Futagomama, WELL DONE!! You are doing a wonderful job to still be breastfeeding two. Most people wouldn't even attempt it, let alone get to 15 months. There is another lady I chat to who is feeding her twins and I think it's great.

As for the weaning, I'm not much help. I weaned all my others at around the 10 month mark, so it will be unchartered territory for me this time around. As chicken said though, I am sure there are aspects of it that will be harder, but in some ways it may be easier. I think the hardest part for me will be that DD sometimes helps herself now and I have often woken to her feeding if she has slept in our bed. So when I really want to wean her, I will also have to make sure I don't let her into our bed. But I dare say that it's a while off yet anyways.

Hope everyone is well!!
i still demand feed my 26 month old.
i am so sick of the "when you going to stop, omg your still feeding" comments.
so good to hear postive things about breast feeding in here and that i am not alone.
Hello Ladies!

I must say i'm so excited to find other mum's that actually BF. Everyone i know either put there bub on a bottle staright away or only lasted 8 weeks at most!

I BF my DD of 19mnths still on demand, and i love it! I too get all the comments of "oh its really time you stopped that" "she's a big girl now, not a baby" etc.

i have thought about weaning, only because people's ocmments were really started to get to me and i thought i may be doing something wrong, but i just couldn't do it - i only tried for less then a day, but it depressed me that much i cried!

Congratulations to everyone that is BF'ing you are definaltey my *idols* its so good to know there's others out there!!
Hi and Welcome Nic J and Giggling Mummy!!

Congrats on your breastfeeding efforts, you're both doing wonderful jobs. I'm glad that finding this thread has made you reaslise that you're not alone. I know that I sometimes feel like the only person still breastfeeding, but there seems to be lots of us.

Well Trinity is still sick with asthma. I have been keeping her rugged up at night and using eukybear rub on her. So far nothing seems to be working though, she still seems to be getting worse, grrrrrrr. I hope that everyone else is well and that the dreaded cold/flus haven't hit yet.
Thanks for the welcome benmar7982!
So sorry to hear the Trinity is still not well! How old was she when you found out she had asmtha? I work part-time at the hospital here and theres so many mums with tiny bubs coming in with asthma, and my heart always goes out to them, i always think how hard it much be specially with someone so little! I Hope she is better soon.
Hi guys,
Well, it happened... the other morning, 1 week ago, I asked my two if they would like a drink after the nappy change first thing in the morning and they headed for the fridge! I am still feeding them last thing at night but I feel so relieved that they decided for themselves. I plan to let the same thing happen for our one and only last remaining feed(boo hoo). Hopefully they don't want to give that one up too soon, i will be so sad.
Thanks for your congratulations on my getting this far but the girls have made it soooo easy for me. They deserve the praise, I am but a vessel!!
Keep up the brilliant work ladies and thanks for the advice regarding the older age/ difficulty factor when related to weaning.
[Edited on 17/04/2008]


sorry just had to type it! hen or DS was littler he was feeding every 1-2 hours and his weight gain was sluggish 30gms one week 80 the next. I was advised to put him on formula for his own health..and I refused...wasnt B/F for his own health??well after the hourly feeds they have paid off he is awesum!now still wanting b/f on demand although,sadly, I am refusing a few of them,now we are b/f @8 times in 24 hours and we dont look like we are going to change that for quite some time!
I hear him when he is playing with his toys "mumum" or "moremormore" he is sooo sweet!he wont let go of the other whilst on one he seems to be in total luv and obsesion with them lmao!!so my role as mum is fulfilled with the knowledge that I have and continue to do the best for our 3rd child and if we have anouther one I wil listen to my baby and my heart before feeling unhappy with a fully b/f healthy bub! more reasearch needs to be one on weight gains in b/f it affected me badly!although the emotional support I got from friends on here made me alot tronger! and wiser!!!
Go BF ma's!!!xjx

Time really does fly when you are having fun hey!! I luv this counter tells me to the day how long we have been B/ so handy!! and it doesnt look like eis going to stp at any time in the next following year!!!!!get stupid jokes all the time about "are you going to pack them in is kindy/school case"?,,,and i say dont be sily....i can walk lmao!!!no body out there going to tell me how and when only me n DS are imporant xjx

Hi, my baby is nearly thirteen months old and is still breastfeeding three times a day. I think my whole philosophy to breastfeeding has changed, i always said till one and luckily i have been able to do so. Now at this age i don't really have a reason not to. When i do leave her, she doesn't get that daytime feed and when at home, its mainly to settle to sleep. I have found that mums have such an issue of whether to let their bubs breast feed to sleep. I am reading and doing the No Cry Sleep Solution by Elizabeth Pantley, although this is more for mums who don't work and have time to carry this out. what are other mums thoughts?


Well the J man and i have just hit feeding a toddler at 1 year 3 days old hehe... Cant wait to keep feeding aslong as he wants, To be honest i dont see him stopping anytime soon.. Cant wait to meet you all and continue chatting!!!
YAY Nooey!! Welcome to the club hun. You're doing an awesome job.

How are all you other BFing mums going?? YAY for getting to 17 months Kitty! I have just realised that we are fast approaching the 18 month mark, eeeeeeek. Where did it go??

Feeding is going surprisingly well ATM. Trinity has had a tummy bug, but she's still managed to feed a couple of times a day, although not always for long feeds. I expected it to affect my supply, but it hasn't.

Well it's way too late and I am off to bed. I really need to remind myself to drop in here more often. Stupid general is always too entertaining, lol.
Oh and a big hello and welcome to Belstar!!

One more thing......Naaawwwww to futagomamas little ones getting big and giving up their morning feed. It's sad in a way, but so cute when they start to become little people. I'm sure they'll hang on to their night time feed for a while yet. Nothing like booby before bed, lol.
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