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Extended Breastfeeding Mums..... Lock Rss

hey all you BF mums!

We have just passed the 15 month mark and still going.....but the last month has been very draining and i have been thinking about weaning. Luckily for both of us i have no idea how to wean a BF bub who doesn't want to wean. Also even though part of me wants to wean there is a huge part of me that gets REALLY SAD when i think about it.

I have visited this thread (to read) quite a bit over the last month and it has helped me to get back into a positive BF frame of mind, so THANKYOU to all those mummas who have participated in this thread. You have been my BF life line!

Just thought I might add to this. First child born 16 years ago was breastfed till he was 2 years 3 months. At the time I had been living in Indonesia and returned home at that time and 2 nights after returning I noticed he had just stopped wanting it. No weaning meant it was all really easy, and being in Indonesia meant I didn't get any of the "are you still breast feeding him?". My second child now 2 and half I weaned over the Christmas holidays at the same age 2 years 3 months - not really beacuse I wanted to - but because of all the pressure from family, friends and generally people I met in the street. I was surprised after she had turned 1 - how much pressure there was in Australia to stop breastfeeding. After all we are meant to be far more knowledgable about the importance of breastfeeding and I felt like my role with child no. 1 was to educate the Indonesians about the importance of breastfeeding! Seems I was wrong, and it seems like many Australians need the education instead. What's worse DD has this incredible desire to pinch my breasts whenever she can - I really don't think I handled the weaning very well. Oh well - just wanted to have my say!!
yes i feel the same way at times annette-mias mum, but i put my chin up...i am so proud of myself for continueing despite the feelings i get at times...i am luving b/f! although at times i feel a lil trapped..and sometimes lately i am refusing his plees for an extra...lil bugger i still feeding him @ 8 times a day lol! just a real booby boy lol
hugz all xjx

Hi ladies,

Just wanted to introduce myself..newish to theforum...i'm feeding DD still and working parttime...btw DD is 18months and there is no stopping her!!

oh for those comments are you STILL feeding?! if you are actually feeding just say yes, but xxx will be finished in 5mins grin hehee...
hi kitty...

DD was born in middle of Oct 06 smile
Thanks for the sympathy! My little girls have definately grown up since they dropped their morning feed, seems to be a developmental explosion happening atm, we are now 20 days short of 18 months and tonight... it happened again, they headed for the fridge for their milk. So I guess this is it, you girls keep going strong, I am so proud to have BF for so long and for waiting for the twins to decide and not let all the unwanted advisors and rude sarcastic commenters sway me!
Thanks for the support and kinship ladies
What on earth shall I do with my gigantic bf pillow? lol
Could work for baby number 3 if we decide to go again...


Hi i just wanted to let you know kitty that i have bf through pregnancy and i am now tandem feeding my 19 month old and my 5 month old daughters. The first 16 weeks of pregnancy were the worst for me, my nipples were so sore but we got through it. I did not suffer morning sickness with either of my pregnancies. The only bad thing was that i was very tired all the time. Some women lose their milk while pregnant but that did not happen to me (obviously).

Tandem feeding has been great for me and my girls. I recommend contacting the Australian Breastfeeding Association and talk to a councellor they are a great help. Good luck with your pregnancy and feeding your daughter.

Hi girls, it's been a while since I've popped my head in here or anyone has, for that matter.

Is everyone still going strong?? We are all good here, we passed the 20 month mark a couple of weeks back, YAY!!
hi all, i have been breastfeeding riley for 13 1/2 months and love it!! We feed morning and night, but i am a bit worried at the moment, he has always LOVED his boobies but in the past week has only been feeding about 5 mins from one boob and about 3 mins on the other, where he usually feeds for 15 mins on both! so i am hoping he isn't starting to self wean! i really love the special time we share when feeding so am hoping to feed as long as he wants too! which hopefully is a long time yet smile Jodie

Hi all,

Just "bookmarking" for future reference. Not quite "extended" bf just yet, but we have already passed the point where DS1 prematurely weaned.

Well done ladies and happy bf! smile]


All going well here! dd is 15 months now. I swear she is an actual octopus. She has 8 arms and legs that are constantly moving!! We are still demand feeding 24/7 so some days dd has no night feeds and other times she will have 3-4. During the day she may have anywhere between 4-10 feeds. (if its 10 its the couple of minute ones!!) We do baby signing and she signs for milk. She has started the great trick of signing for milk, so we get all comfy and then she has 2 sucks and then goes off to play again! Crazy girl!!
Hope everyone else is trundling along nicely!!!

JM due to the current bf atmosphere of a few weeks to a few months is good enough, you are classed as an extended breastfeeder.... Sad, but true... I think anything over 6 months is classed as extended. But CONGRATULATIONS on getting as far as you have!!
Posted by: OC1246
JM due to the current bf atmosphere of a few weeks to a few months is good enough, you are classed as an extended breastfeeder.... Sad, but true... I think anything over 6 months is classed as extended. But CONGRATULATIONS on getting as far as you have!!

I know, it's kinda scary too, but I digress! LOL I am so happy to have gotten here, and with no formula too unlike last time! Hoping to get to at least 2, but I guess we'll continue taking it one day at a time. smile] I am trying to teach Alex the sign for milk, he just looks at me funny and laughs. We are still feeding on demand too, down to one night feed generally but sometimes 2 if he's not settling.


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