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Extended Breastfeeding Mums..... Lock Rss

my son is 17 months and i still breatfed him and i've got number two coming. he loves his boob but i do want to give up soon as its draining my energy. im 17 and at school. i think i will miss my moments with levi and im afriads that this is like him growing up. but im also looking forward to many months breatfeeding a new little life.
good on you guys for still BF, i got put down by so many people (levi's dad, other mums, teachers at school, al my friends) its such a special thing to both mother and baby and i think you should do it until your combfortable. out of 10 girls who are teen mums im the only one who breastfed and im so proud o have done so and im sad but this is where my journey ends feeding levi. good luck to all you guys, your ledgends
lov ashleigh xox

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Wow, what an amazing person you are and what a gift for your kids!

All the best with your new bubby!
WOW, looks like everyone is rolling along nicely!!

LOL @ OC feeding an octopus!! I have the funniest mental image of that!! I know what you mean though, Trinity used to love to stick her foot in my mouth whilst having her boobie.

We are going ok, but I think we may be heading for weaning. Not my choice, but Trinity is really losing her dependence on her 'Boo Boo's'. She will still have her early morning and late night feed, but it's about 3 minutes each side and she will usually have the same once or twice during the day. She has a few quick sucks and then looks at me and says 'No more, all gone'. I have to admit that my supply has dropped, and I think it's due to the lack of stimulation.

I actually think that the reason she is no longer having big feeds is that she has become used to sippy cups and with those the flow is a lot faster. Where as with boobie, she has to work a bit harder.

I am very sad about the whole thing. I had really wanted to get to 2. But we'll keep going as we are and as long as she keeps asking for it, I'll keep giving it to her.

Happy Breastfeeding!!

Posted by: Rileys Mummy
hi all, i have been breastfeeding riley for 13 1/2 months and love it!! We feed morning and night, but i am a bit worried at the moment, he has always LOVED his boobies but in the past week has only been feeding about 5 mins from one boob and about 3 mins on the other, where he usually feeds for 15 mins on both! so i am hoping he isn't starting to self wean! i really love the special time we share when feeding so am hoping to feed as long as he wants too! which hopefully is a long time yet smile Jodie

Trinity went through stages of doing this and I was always convinced that she would wean. I just continued to demand feed her and she always got over it. Persist and it will most likely pass. Good Luck!!
thanks for your reply benmar, riley has also done as trinity did! he went back to normal within a few days, he happend to get a virus while being fussy, so i guess that was what was going on! i start to stress when he wont feed properly, which i know is silly cos he can no doubt feel and it and it will make him worse! but cross fingers we are back to normal now, so hopefully things will stay that way! Jodie smile

ash duckworth, good on you for breasfeeding your bubba aswell as being pregnant! and good on you for not listening to other people putting you down when you were bfeeding, it is the most natural beautiful thing you can do for your bubba, so be really proud of yourself! Jodie smile

I am still b/f my daughter who has just turned 2...... thinking it's probably getting close to time to stop tho....
Yay...........I am "officially" and extended bfer! LOL Gosh, wondering how I got here, blinked and he's one and growing up way too fast........think I'm going to have to step up my campaign for the 3rd baby.

Happy feeding ladies! I am so proud of myself (and Alex too) for getting to this point as I never envisioned being able to say that I was still feeding a 1 year old after all the problems I had with DS1 and him prematurely weaning at 9 months.


I have BF at 12 months to my both elder kids. But I want to continue BF to my 11 old daughter until she likes to drink. I have got all the inspiration from all of you.


hi everybody
my boy is 13 month now. he has 6 feeds during the day and he wakes up 5 times at night for feeds. he eats just an egg yolk the whole day. i like breastfeeding him so much buti think he needs to stop breastfeeding to let him eat. he finds it the easyway.
hey there tina79!

just wanted to let you know, my dd didn't start solids until she was 11.5 months old and still didn't really get into it until she was over 13 months. I started with finger foods and never did purees. He will get there with the solids when he is ready!! My dd is 17 months today and she still goes through stages of barely eating in the day and having heaps of bm.
So don't stress! We always gave her food to play with when we were eating and one day, she just started eating!

All the best with everything!!
hi all,

i am so glad i have found this group. I have been b/f fo almost five years all together!!! But only whatever my ticker says as i tandem fed for about 15 months. ifed through pregnancy and also through an abscence. i often get comments about b/feeding, but i think i have managed to help some women understand that it is ok to feed a toddler.

my dd hasn't had a b/f for about 5 months but i reckon she would do it again if i let her. i wonder if anyone has advice for that??
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