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Where has his appetite gone? Lock Rss

My 18 mth old son used to be brilliant at eating. Would eat almost anything you gave him. He'd eat veges, yoghurt etc but now he will only eat a good breakfast and after that he may or may not eat what I give him for lunch or dinner. He won't eat custard, yoghurt and veges seem to be off the list too. Any suggestions?

Well I dont know what to suggest as I am in the same boat my son is 30 months and has since about 18 month been a fussy eater but recently he wont eat a meal at all. No breakfast, lunch or dinner, will have a couple of snacks during the day a fruit stick or some sultants for eg but cutting these out etc wont make him eat. I dont know what to do etiehr

Maree NSW, Oscar 5 yrs and Anton 2yr

Hi Tiff,

Looks like we are pretty much in the same boat. Luke is just a little younger than your man but has gone off his food too. I have put it down to his teeth.

He has a mouthful of teeth with the last eye tooth struggling to get through. He will only eat snacks and won't sit in his chair long enough to eat a whole meal. He was a big eater and not fussy at all but now, we are lucky to get a couple of spoonfuls into him.

Must be that age where they are more mobile, got better things on their minds.

Unfortunatley it's just one big guessing game.

Sorry I can't help but I suppose it helps a bit to know your not the only one going through this.

Dear tiffany

My son is the same. I used to make mashed vegies and he loved it he would only eat sweets and stuff occassionally. I try and make him everything he will eat for dinner and lunch and it still doesn't work. So i know how you feel. But i have been told this is a phase they go through. I even try and make him sit at the table until he has finished but that doesn't help either. I have started giving my son a liquad vitamin its called pentivite it gives them all the nutriants they dont get out of there food. So maybe give that try.

Good Luck

Danielle, Vic
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