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Starting Cows Milk Lock Rss

Hi All,

I just wanted to get an idea on how to start introducing cows milk to my 10mnth old?
I have been told half cows milk & half formula, then 70% formula & 30% cows milk (ie 150mls formula to 50mls cows milk) & last water down cows milk with no formula???

I am confusious. Please help!!!!


NSW mum

Hi when we started our son on cows milk at 12months we just used up the last of the formula and switched straight to cows milk I never went through any mixing phase and for us the transition was seamless. I don't know if it is that easy for everyone but it was as simple as formula one bottle cows milk the next. Something I did look at when buying milk was I compared all the brands at my supermarket and bought the brand with the highest calcium content. Good Luck I hope it goes smoothly for you too.
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