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Dairy allergies Lock Rss

any recepies for nondairy mealsplease?

Louise, Vic, mum of Daniel almost 3yrs

Hi I'd be interested in understanding others opinions on milk protein allergies in children. It seems that doctors and natural health practitioners have opposite views....

Lianna, SA, 3 & 6mth baby

Hi Angela

sorry about delay in replying. Answer to that question is yes - have found the same thing. What we found was we took info from both sides and measured it ourselves. It took 3 specialists - 1 pediatrician and 2 dermatologists before we could get Daniel tested for theallergies that had been picked up by our Chiropractor. Some pediatricians now say to new mums if their baby has excma or reflux to cut out the eggs, cows milk and nuts from the diet - as this still passes through the breast milk to the baby. ( I only know this as a friend of mine has a 3 month old and this was the advise she was given. We had to find out the long way by trial & error. Basically, listen to the practitioner, then try it for a week and see what results you get. I must admit our Chiropractor tests for allergies and by the past 2 1/2 yrs experience, we trust his results. In the early stages, when Daniel was 6 months old, we backed it up by having him allergy tested(prick tests on skin) at the Royal Childrens. All results concurred with what the Chiropractor picked up, and from then on we just learnt to look for the signs in his behaviour etc. It is really tricky and nearly every practitioner has different views. As this could be a lengthy reply, if there is anything specific you want to ask, let me know. I guess in answer to your question - regardless of what the experts say, you know when you have beneficial results with your childs behaviour, sleeping and appetite!!

Hope this helps


Louise, Vic, mum of Daniel almost 3yrs

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