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Food allergies Rss

Hi everyone,

Does anyone have a toddler with food allergies? What kind of test determine food allergies? I have a suspicion that my son has food allergies to certain foods ie. wheat and eggs. I have an appointment with a paediatrician but it's not for another couple of weeks yet. Just interested to hear from other with a similar problem.

Mum to toddler

Hi there,
I think I have replied to other posts of yours about allergies... cant remember!! My little guy - 18 months - has allergies - wheat/egg/beef/strawberries/rockmelon ++ and is on a bit of a limited diet. I am currently trialing dairy to see how he goes as he was previously thought to be intolerant to dairy and has been on soy for the last year.
Does your paediatrician know why you have the appt? Can they do allergy tests themselves or do they have to give you a referral? If they need to refer you - ask them to do that beforehand so you can go get them done before the appt otherwise you will have to go back (and pay twice!). Mine referred me up to Westmead Childrens to get the testing done then I just went to him for an explanation etc.
We had Skin prick tests done when DS was 12 months. Hard to keep him still - I think it was 11 pin pricks on each arm. We have to go back when he is 2, so will be harder now he is older I think!
It doesnt take too long, they do it as quickly as possible obviously with toddlers, then you have to wait about for 10 - 20 minutes to see what reaction there is.
I could go on for ages on this topic as it consumes our life a bit at the moment!!

Suz, NSW

Hi, our 2yr old has egg-white allergies. We figured that out after numerous bouts of hives, vomiting and irritability. Our GP advised we avoid them all together until he is 3, then give him a try. I expected him to be allergic to dairy as my husband, brother & I were all allergic and suffered skin disorders. So far so good, but egg is a pain.
Good luck

Mum of 2 beautiful boys

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