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3 years old overweight Lock Rss

my 3 years old girl eat most of the day she weghts 27kg but her height 108cm. how do I cut her down on the food I need help.
That sounds fairly overweight, and if she is eating all day at her age it must mean that she is being given that food that she is eating. You really need to do something about it right away because 27kg should be the weight of an average 6-7 year old. Have you spoken to your doctor? Maybe they could refer you to see a nutritionist. What kind of foods is she eating most of the day?
My younger sister is overweight, 9yrs and 50 kgs (same weight as me) and I argue with my mum about it all the time. Not because I want to have a go at her, but because she is in such denial and says "no she doesn't eat much at all" but I can see that she does maybe not quantity wise but she'll eat a whole block of cheese and milkshakes and chocolates all day, it's horrible and my mum doesn't listen to me because she thinks she'll outgrow it, but if she continues eating like that i'll only get worse. I constantly fear for her getting diabetes and having to have a body part removed because of it.
At least you acknowledge that there is a problem and are ready to do something about it.

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