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3yr old with a strange diet. Lock Rss

Hi All,

My daughter Jaida has just turned 3 and lately has gone off eating healthy meals. During the day all she wants to eat is biscuits or icecream, which might I add we rarely give her. Her daily diet consists of 2-6 weetbix for breaky, 1 cookie and piece of cheese for morning tea and then that is it. She will only eat canned smoked salmon for lunch or peanut butter and jam sandwiches. She always loved Brocolli and potatos and veges but now refuses to touch them. She no longer eats meat unless it is fish and hardly touches her dinner.

I am worried that this new found diet of hers will harm her or that she isnt eating enough.

Has anyone got suggestions?

Mel, NSW, Jaida (21/11/02), Elysia (26/02/06)

i know this might sound stupid but it could work. ask ur daughter what she would like to eat at each meal. i dont think she is doing herself ne harm she maybe just a picky eater and doesnt want what u give her.

write each thing down in which she wants and that way u have atrack of what she is eating and know what she likes and doesnt like. give her a special treat once a week aswell that way she knows she is doing a good thing and dont being naughty fr not eating what u give her.

she just experimenting trying new foods , my son didnt like avo but he know has it on sandwhichs he has always been a fussy eater and has always snacked, but yet again my son is on a special diet - high fat, high fibre and high protein diet so he basically can have what ever he wants. trying to keep him on healthy foods but everyknoe and then we give him junk so his weight will put more on. he is only 10.2kg at 3.5 yrs of age. being 82cm tall too.

oterwise talk to ur gp and c what he may suggest and go from there
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