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Not interested in Finger Foods Lock Rss

My little man is 16 mths. He eats mashed foods very well, and feeds himself raisins. He also fed himself milk arrowroot biscuits and even sandwiches a couple of times before I discovered he was intolerant to wheat.

My problem is when I try and give him cooked vege sticks or fruit sticks he just mashes it in his hands and spreads it everywhere except near his mouth!

Is this naughty or just natural to check out the textures and will eventually start eating some??

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

Our little man is almost 16mths old too. He loves eating sandwiches, crackers, cheese and fruit but it's more difficult getting him to eat vegies now. He used to love them. These days I tend to "hide" the vegies in the food (eg. add grated carrot and finely chopped zucchini to spaghetti sauce).

Breakfast is another meal that has become more difficult. He used to love eating his cereal - weetbix, porridge etc. Now he'd rather mush it on the highchair or through his fingers. I think it's a time of exploration and wanting to be more independent with using the spoon themselves.

I give Rhys a spoon as I feed him and usually take allows me to get in a few spoonfuls, but if he's turning his head away and just playing with the food I'll let him do that for a short time and then take it off him. If he's hungry he'll eat later.
hello virgo

no it is not naughty (considering he does not even understand the meaning of the word as yett)

keep offering him things like cheese stiks fruit and veg brocoly flowers ........ toast (in your case the special one without wheat)
eventually he will learn just keep traying. eventually he will take to it give him a spoon so he can make noise and while my one eats i usally wash up so she is with me in the kichen and can mess as much as she wants plus i dont rush her if she wants to sitt there for 1 houer and play with the spoon and all fine by me i talk to here and read here a book on the side sometimes magazin or what ever gives me a nice break too



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