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Easter eggs for children with Peanut allergy Lock Rss

Hi, I just thought I would let anyone who is interested know that there is finally a brand of chocolate that children with Peanut allergy can eat. It is called Kinnerton and is available in Big W, K Mart, Myers and a few other stores. This year I have been able to find in Myers a great selection of Nut Free Easter eggs which my 3 year old will just love. They are all character chocolates eg. Bob the Builder, Fimbles etc but just check the back for the nut free zone tick as some do not have the tick. Now all our children can enjoy treats at Easter time.

Tarsha, QLD, Girls 3 & 1

i have a friend with the same peanut allergy and found that the famous kinder suprise chocky is also nut free and not made on the same manufacturing equipment as ones that do,

and darell lea sell candy eggs without nuts.

Tracey-daughters Enica & Krystal EDD 28/7/04

Hi Tarsha

I also have a daughter with a peanut allergy and until recently only found out that the kinnerton brand made easter eggs. Target also stocks the nut free tick chocolate. This is our first easter after finding out Myranda had a peanut allergy and am so glad she won't miss out in the future. Cuddletwins also let me know that there is another brand "Willow Confectionary" who is nut free but was unable to find any of their chocolate in shops.

Caroline, Qld, 2yo daughter

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