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not eating veges? Lock Rss

I just had a brain wave today that I thought I would share with you and get your opinion on. My son is not big on veges (likes corn on the cob) I tend to hide his veges in other foods ie rice etc. Anyway I went to the supermarket today and while there bought him a single serve V8 juice (melon burst -I think) which is supposed to be an adult serve of veges so it must be 2 kids serves. He liked the juice so I thought that maybe every now and then he could have one to help get the nutrients he needs. He doesn't usually drink juice (he likes it but I don't give it to him alot).
What do you think?

I think it is a good way of getting the vitamins down but he probably still needs the fibre from the vegies - I know this is the case with fruit but not sure if it is the same for veg. It could also give him a bit more of the taste for vegies is he is getting the flavour of them so maybe he will get a taste for them yet. Also check the salt and sugar content if you haven't already - less than 30mg/100mL of sugar and less than 100mg/100mL(?) of sodium is what to look for.

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