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bottle with bed? Lock Rss

bayden is 10mnth old and he wont go to sleep without a btl. its mainly at night but also sometimes with his naps.
hes also began waking for btl all night although tonite im going to try water. any one elses baby go to bed with milk. he finishes it b4 he goes to sleep so im 2 concerned bout btl rot but hed always been a good sleeper until a few weeks back when i gave one to im. now...well
any ideas

mum to bayden 25/02/05

My son is 21 mths old and has had a bottle with bed since he was 8mths. He finishes it then puts himself to sleep too. I have only just gotten him to sleep throught the night as he used to always wake up and whinge until I brought him a bottle in the middle of he night but one night I realised he wasn't crying for it only whinging so decided to let him whinge for a while longer and he eventually went back to sleep without his bottle and it's been a mth now and he is still sleeping though. I'd try the water at night if he wakes and just wait a little longer before you take it in to him (if he isn't hysterical for it). that's how I broke the habbit. I'd love for my son to be able to go to bed day and night without a bottle but at the moment I'm just happy with him sleeping through the night finally!
Good luck...
Maybe try a new routine at bed time.
After my sons bath we sit in a bean bag in his room and he drinks a milk while I read his bed time story.
I finsh the book he's finished the milk and is full sleepy and content so time for sleep.
I know it is hard but try not to give him a milk during the night he will only get used to it and wake for it. From 6 months I gave water instead of milk if Hamish ever woke at night so he stopped waking up. He may also be waking for other reasons too hot, cold teething.

Take Care and good luck

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