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Hi, I was just wondering if anyone could suggest any websites that have recipes for toddlers? My little girl is now 27 months and while she has her favourite meals (such as spag bol) I'm searching for some new, easy-to-make, yummy recipes...just so I can cook something different every now and then. I have had a look at the recipe section on this forum and copied some great recipes (thanks everyone) but would like to know about any other websites (preferable Australian?) you have come across.


Mum to Jessica, 3yrs

She can be eating all the same food that you do by now. However if you go to or and do a search for kid friendly recipe you should find some ideas.
when my daughter was a little younger (she's now 3) I was always after some different recipe ideas moreso because some of the meals that I made for my husband and I weren't appropriate for my daughter to have so I would often make something different for her or have a meal that I had prepared earlier and pulled out of the freezer. A couple of favourites that my daughter loves are tuna mornay and the old spag bol. But the thing that I would do is go to the websites of the food companies eg. Heinz, Kraft etc and even of the supermarkets eg. Coles etc. You will often find that their sites will have recipe sections and all you would have to do is search for a particular receipe if you are after one or just scroll through their many and varied recipes and pick out the ones that you want.

Mel, SA

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