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Full fat and reduced fat foods Lock Rss

Bub is 14 months old now and has 3 full fat milk bottles a day. I understand that it is important that bubs have full fat milk, but is it so important for all the other foods ie yogurt, cheese, ham etc etc to be full fat ? Like I saw in another post, I find it difficult to find a good quality natural yogurt that is full fat. Would appreciate others opinions on this.

The advice is full fat dairy till age 2 as they need it as are growing so rapidly.

Jalna is a great brand of yoghurt, I know what you mean about trying to find full fat yoghurt - 90% seems to be diet stuff but it is there in Woolies or Coles, just have to scour the shelves to find it.
hi there, definately full fat milk and full fat cheese and yoghurt. Diet prducts are not good for growing babies as you want them to grow well. Yoplait has a great new range of baby and toddler yoghurts. They are full fat but low in sugar that almost all yogurts are. They also taste very natural and yummy, it is my bubs face thing to eat! They are in a white and green packet in normal woolies or coles fridges. My problem with other yoghurt is that they were very high in sugar. But these are specially made for baby and I love it!
If you also consider the extra amount of processing it takes to make a product low fat, it seriously compromises the nutritional value of the product. Have a look at the list of chemicals and additives etc in low fat or diet products. Just the process of making skim milk gets rid of most of the nutrients you are meant to find in milk. Thats why they have to add them all back in again after they have stripped the original product. Basically if you stick to products that are as natural as possible with minimum amount of chemicals - you will get the nutrition that you are meant to find in it. So ideally organic full fat non homogonised products.
Its worth looking up the ingredients of anything you are eating. Quite scary!
Thanks for posting that OC1246, that is interesting to know - I didnt realise this, not that we are big on buying low fat but had just recently gone to low fat milk.
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