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4 yr old wont eat anything - help? Lock Rss

We have a 4 year old daughter and we can't get her to eat anything. She will have a couple of mouthfuls at meal time and only a couple of bites of any snack that we give her - which she doesn't ask for very often.

I know kids go through a stage of not eating but this has been going on for a couple of months. I have tried making her food 'fun' and giving her what she want's but nothing seems to help. We have tried home made sausage rolls (as she loves them) with about 70% vegetables thinking if she ate those it wouldn't be too bad but after the first one she now only has a few bites.

Any ideas or comments would be of great help.
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i cant help much at all . my son who will be 4 in 2 weeks is the same. we hve tobribe him to take 3 spoonfuls then after he has the rquired amount he can hve another drink or a piece of toast or garlic bread is a hit at the moment. good luck i know how u feel i wish that we would hve at least one dinner when he doesnt say i cant eat it it makkes me sick

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

Hi all i had the same problem with my almost 5 yr old only a few weeks back, let her go, if she is hungry she will eat, i know that sounds dreadful but even my doctor told me to do it, now she is a food eating monster i can't give her enough. The taco pie, idea is great, my daughter loves these, i was making this long before i saw this on the site but it's great to see another mum with a fab. idea. give it a try it won't hurt and if she still doesn't want it maybe you could try... 1 for mummy one for you, this also seemed to do the trick for my daughter, or just say okay, i'll eat it now and when i've finished i get a big bowl of ice cream... bribary is great at times smile
Good luck and keep us posted.

Aleks, SA, 5yr old girl, 9yr old boy&bubs 10.4.04

Hi all smile i have a 4yr old son who will be 5 in august, and since he was 18mnths old he has refused most foods, at this age he caught a 24h tummy bug and since then has had a fear over the smell, feel and textures of foods. He use to eat and try anything, but as the yrs have gone on he has limted himself to just vegemite on toast, chocolate ice cream, nuggets n chips and kfc potatoe and gravy and chocolate milk, most of these things he eats are packet foods, its astho he thinks there safe to eat, where as home cooked etc isnt safe. Its very worrying as he is loosing weight due to refusing to eat anything but the above, and as he goes to daycare where they provide rolling lunch he will not eat there either, he has tried a few things there. My thought was daycare would help as he would see other kids trying new foods and give it ago smile. Ive tried most things, and have come to my wits end, as very concerned for him n his health, ive been to the doctor about it many times and they have said he will grow out of it, 2yrs later still hasnt changed, i refuse to give in smile but its hard when other parents or adults, go on to me a bout it, when i know its not a good thing, but i cant rush my son into something he doesnt feel is safe for him i guess smile, hoping things will get better as time goes on, Thanks a worried and hopeful mum smile
Hi, first up what is taco pie & is there a recipie for it please. My problem with my ds is he eats limited foods. He is extemely fussy. Its so frustrating.

Would it pay you to get a paeditrician to check her out to make sure nothing is wrong physically. Just a thought. Otherwise just keep perservering. If she is hungry she will eat. Some kids just don't eat alot. I have seen this on a number of occassions.

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