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What sort of Bread Lock Rss

Hi all

Just wondering if its ok to give wholemeal and multigrain breads to a two year old or are they supposed to be eating white bread? My wee boy loves all different bread and i usually buy the multigrain ones as they are healthier but wasnt sure if he is ok to be eating it at his age...

Any thoughts would be appreciated

Hi .. I've been feeding my boy all breads and health nurse said that's good . My boy is 13months and loves multigrain too.
Your health clinic should have given you a chart that tells you what age they can start eating all sorts of bread ..


Absolutely it is ok, in fact its MUCH better than white bread... my DD only gets wholemeal or multigrain and has done since she was 7 months. Very occasionally she'll get white, like fairy bread at a party or something but that's it.
We've always fed our 21-mo girl wholemeal bread, because that's what we eat. She tried white bread when she was just starting and it turned into gum in her mouth - a big chunk stuck to the roof of her mouth and it was lucky i saw it in there and got it out before she went to sleep!

I think its ok for her to eat grain breads too, but she gets annoyed if a sharp seed sticks in her mouth.

Up till around a couple of months ago I use to give ds white bread.. but by accident tried wholemeal oneday and he loves it (so do i). we also get wholegrain, pumpkin seeds.. pretty much anything other than white.

Will 6 July 06 - Jaida 19 Sept 08

My 4 year old DS started eating multigrain bread at 2 and he loves it, prefers it and it is so much healthier for them. My 1 year old DS started eating mutligrain at 10 months and he is fine with it.

SA, 2 boys

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