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How much milk for 20 month old Lock Rss

Hi All

I'm just wondering how much milk should a 20 month old be having? Currently my DD is having 3 x 200mls and asks for more. I'm thinking she might be getting too much.

Hi Janelle..

Not sure if im gonna be of much help but i will tell you how much my 18 month old drinks.
3 bottles a day
1st 200mls morning
2nd 260mls arvo nap
3rd 240mls bedtime
Although she is fussy with her choice of foods she still eats alot.

nsw...5 1/2 month old boy....4yr old girl


My childhood nurse recommends minimum 600ml per day so I think that you are on the right track and certainly wouldn't hurt her to have more. My daughter is also 20 months old and doesn.t really like to drink milk so have to feed her other calcium rich foods.


Mum to Amber 21/05/04

Hi Janelle
I have 23mnth old twin boy (James) and girl (Louise) who seem to be doing well with usually 2 x 200mls of cows milk a day. Have a drink at breakfast and then at afternoon tea. If they want more they ask for it and get it, however they don't always even want that much. It might be worth thinking about, with that much milk, whether your toddler is also drinking enough water. Would nutritional snacks be helpful in satisfying appetite? I have taught the twins to see that their milk is "all gone" and "finished" ( They only get one refill if wanted ). They then have fun putting their cups in the sink. I am lucky in that both twins love yoghurt, custard and cheese. Yoghurt covered sultanas are well liked at our place.
Take care
Sue, James & Louise

Sue, WA, 23mth old twins

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