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  5. my 15mth old is on a wheat gluten dairy free diet and doesnt like meat or vegies ne ideas?

my 15mth old is on a wheat gluten dairy free diet and doesnt like meat or vegies ne ideas? Lock Rss

Hi All,

i have a 15 mths old boy who is on a wheat gluten dairy free diet due to eczema. My main problem is he doesnt really like vegies or ne type of meat!! The only meat he'll eat is if i make porcipine balls(mince rice onion boiled in tomoto soup) and rarely beef strog.

Does ne one have some good dinner recipies i can sneek in all neccessary dietary needs(vegies meat calcium)?

Thanks Amy smile
hi amy,

my almost 15 mth old daughter is lactose intolerant, so she is on a dairy free diet too.
for a calcium snack i give her dried apricots, which i cut into little pieces.
then there is soy yoghurt. you could make up meals with tofu in it instead of meat.
brocolli, salmon, soy ice cream, beans, baked beans, kidney beans, sardines, dried figs,oranges-these are all high calcium foods.
you could try putting veges in the blender, so he doesnt know what he is eating (this works well with my 2 yr old!).
when we eat a meal with dairy, i give my daughter steamed veges and fish fingers or chicken nuggets (check they dont contain dairy products) and she happily eats this.
but the biggest thing that i have found works with my daughter is to let her feed herself, just let her go for it with her hands i do, she eats everything this way, just likes the independance, and while i dont know what ur son is like, it may simply be that he is ready to feed himself. my daughter will absolutely refuse to eat but u just let her go for it and she eats everything!

good luck

Kristi 5 kids.

My 14 mth old is milk, egg. peanut and soy free due to severe allergies. Shes not big on veges, but eats a lot of fruit.
Citrus fruit or kiwifruit increases iron absorption so if bubs won't eat a lot of meat, giving them citrus or kiwi for dessert maximises the iron in whatever meat you manage to get into them. If bubs won't eat veges but will eat fruit, they will generally get enough nutrients from the fruit.
I add finely diced spinach to plain rice. I bring the rice to the boil, then add the spinach and let it simmer until the rice is cooked. Maya won't eat spinach on it's own, but eats it like this.
Also, i make a mince stew - mince, potato, kumara, carrot and brocoli boiled slowly together in beef stock, then mashed. She likes to eat this herself with a spoon (and some help!).
Broccoli is a great vege for toddlers, it looks appealing, and has a fairly bland taste if boiled.
Root veges are great coz they are a bit sweet, so quite palatable for young kids. I mash a bit of boiled liver into kumara and pumpkin, liver is great for iron, and the veges mask the taste.
Also, frozen peas or mixed veges that they can pick up themselves with their fingers. Like Kristi said, a lot of the time they will feed themselves what they wouldn't touch if you were feeding it to them. Also, if you eat at the same time, it is encouraging for bubs. Maya and I have dinner together most nights, so she sees me eating the same things as shes eating.
Maya is underweight for her age and I used to panic about everything she ate, but now i just aproach mealtimes by thinking, I'll offer what I offer (meat and veg, fruit and bread) and if she's hungry enough she'll eat.
Good luck, let me know hoe you get on!

Mum to Maya Grace 02-03, Sienna & Mercedes 10-06

Hi guys,

You's have been great with the info and Adam is finally eating a more balanced diet. It was so releiving to here abou tcitrus fruits adding to iron absorbtion as adam loves kewi. Thanks alto girls u'v helped make our meals times a lot less stressful and help`ed me with meal ideas. I appretiate it heaps

Amy smile

[email protected]

Thats good to hear. Maya was weighed today and is NEARLY 10kgs. Not quite, but this is a huge step for her as she was supposed to be 10kgs by 12mths and she is now 15 1/2

Mum to Maya Grace 02-03, Sienna & Mercedes 10-06

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