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feeding & sleeping problems Lock Rss

my little 18 month old girl is just begining to feed from a cup and although it was hard, the tantrums only last a short time now and she willingly takes the cup and feeds herself. The trouble is she still has the breast at night and is still waking up almost every 2 hours. she has started chewing now and is eating more but it still hasn't effected her sleeping habits. Bathing doesn't work for me cause she enjoys it to much. She sleeps between myself and my husband cause its the only way we get any sleep, if shes in the cot im practically up all night. How do I get her to sleep all night and not require the breast anymore? Any suggestions will be great!!!!!!!!!!!!!

heidi, sa, baby girl 29/10/02

hi heidi,

this is all i can suggest to you. i think ur going to have to lose a few nights sleep but u have to get her to sleep in her cot.
it sounds like ur ready to wean her off the breast and u cant do this with her in the same bed.
u have to be strong and stand ur ground!!!!
make her feed herself every time, make her sleep in her own bed.
other things to help u in this process;
*burn lavender oil before she goes to bed and in her room
*bath her in lavender oil
*u can do the same with chamomile
*keep the half hour before she goes to bed calm and quiet
*have dim lights
*low sound on the tv
hope all goes well and i have managed to help in some way

Kristi 5 kids.

I agree, perseverance. My daughter sleeps thru usually, but when she is sick she wakes for a botle. The problem is that even after she is better she still thinks she can get up at 1am for a "milkies". the only way to stop it is to let her scream unil she eventually goes to sleep. It sounds cruel, and it's really dificult to listen to her screaming (talk about persistent - she screamed for over 2 hours one night), bt the next night she always sleeps thru again. If I give up and feed her, then the next night she wakes again and cries for "milkies" When she wakes, I go in and check her nappy and give her a drink of water, then put her down, in the dark without speaking to her.
I guess I just think it's better to lose one nights sleep with her screaming, than to be having broken sleep every night geting up to feed her.
Also, remember that after 6 mths no child needs a nighttime feed (unless they are sick), those that wake in the night do it purely from habit.
Good luck with the sleeping. As for the weaning, Maya was hospitalised at 9 mths to get her off the breast coz she refused to take a bottle and needed the formula for medical reasons, so I can't help much there.
Good luck, and I hope you have restful nights in the near future.

Mum to Maya Grace 02-03, Sienna & Mercedes 10-06

I weaned James off reasonably early (7.5 months) it took a little persistence but eventually he started to take the bottle, and in a couple of weeks there was no going back. I can't help much with weaning off the breast at night, but to get him off the bottles, I just did it one feed at a time, and offered water instead. I think he was about 12 or 13 months when he gave up his last night time (12pm type thing) bottle. And just recently gave up his lunchtime one. (so has 2 a day).
Mind you he does still wake regularly at the moment, and we are working on that!

I would suggest taking one step at a time anyway. Decide what you need to do and which is priority, for example: get her to sleep in cot
wean off breast
eliminate night feeds
solve night waking issue
doing all these at once would probably be too much.
You probably already do, but apart from the morning feed make sure you offer her the milk feed after her meals, to make sure she is eating enough food during the day. And offer a few snacks during the day too (not milk) if you think she may be hungry.

Let us know how you go, and good luck.


Kristina, Mum of James 3yrs & Matilda 14 months

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