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"Apple" Lock Rss


My DD is nearly 13 months. She is quite ok to eat most of the fruits in pieces except apple. I still need to grate the apple and feed for her although she got 4 teeth upper front & 3 teeth lower front. She can bite the apple (wedges), but takes long time to chew and swallow. Is apple still too hard for her? Does your one has the same problem?
Or try an apple slinky... robin's kitchen sells the do-hickey to make them and my DS loves it that way!
My DD doesnt like apple unless its cooked, I wouldnt worry about it as there are so many other fruits you can give them.
I wouldnt be worried at that age, my ds only started eating apple pieces at around 18months old. Maybe try peeling and coring(is that a word???lol. I mean removing the core from it.) and give it to her like that, my ds liked apples like that to start with.
don't be worried,most advise not to give hard apple pieces until around 2 yrs due to the choking hazard anyway. I always gave DD steamed apple pieces at that age. Just cut an apple into slices and then steam for a few minutes until soft. It tastes sweeter for them and they can enjoy apple without the choking risk. you may have to play around with how long as it can go soft quite quickly though.

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