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My 9 month old is still breast fed during the day, but because I'm going back to work in 3 months, I want to start weaning her off breast feeds during the day. I've tried to give her bottles of formula but she won't drink from the teat. I've tried different shaped teats, and diffent brands of formula, but she refuses to drink - even if my husband or someone else tries to give it. I've tried formula in a cup, but she'll happily drink water but not the formula. Has anyone got any suggestions?
Hi Di,
I empathise with you. My son is 23mths old and I am still breastfeeding. Now it is just comfort feeds though which occur at night(but that is another problem, I am trying to help you so we won't go into that)
Up untill not too long ago my son was also feeding allthrough the day. This was wearing me out. As well as feeds he was on them all day for comfort as well. This was becoming a nightmare and making me ill. I was desperare as I was tears all the time and looking a bit drawn. I also tried everything. I phoned all the hotlines and got lots of advice but nothing seemed to work untill one day another breastfeeding mother told me to try putting lemon juice on my nipple. I laughed at the idea, thinking that if everything else had not prevailed, why would something so simple work?
Then oneday I said to my husband for a joke, lets try the lemon and see what happens. I sat down with my son in front of me and put on the tiniest amount. Well that was it. His faced grimaced and I said yukky to him. He doesn't come near my breast at all now during the day. I could have kissed that lady that gave me that advice. I couldn't believe it was that easy. As your child is quite young, I don't know how lemon juice will be. I suppose it should be safe but check with someone first.
This probably has been no help to you but I hope it has.
All the best
Take good care.
Definately call the ABA!

They are an absolute wealth of information on all aspects of breastfeeding, including weaning.
They will have heaps pf suggestions. Good luck!

Michelle Woods

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