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HELP!!! Bad advice from GP with DS on rice milk Lock Rss

Hi all,

My almost 13 month old son has been sick for what feels forever but has actually been about 6 weeks, coughing, runny nose, fevers, not wanting to eat solids, not gaining weight, going backwards/standing still with development.

I have been going to my usual GP and she has just said to wait it out pretty much but with the sleepless nights and constant whinging it has been hard, ended up seeing her at least once a week with no real suggestions.

I took DS to a different Dr a week ago and he suggested it was a milk intolerance and told me to take him off the Heinz Nurture Gold formula and try him on rice milk with baby biotics mixed in and add vitamin c powder to his water. Also said to stop treating fever with panadol as it is the bodies natural way of increasing white blood cells and getting rid of the infection. That night I let a fever run its course (DS wasn't too uncomfortable and it was fairly mild at 38.6). 2 days later I managed to get everything else sorted and started him on the rice milk/baby biotic combo and tried to get him to drink vitamin c (he hated it so that didn't last long).

He has really perked up and so much better this week, sleeping, eating, very active etc.

I was a bit worried when buying the rice milk because it says 'not a suitable milk substitute for children under 2' now after some research I find this is a really bad thing! Not enough protein, fats, vitamins and calcium

Anyone have any suggestion of what to do? Our family has a history of soy allergy so don't want to put him on that. Anyone use Zymil for their toddlers? Goat milk maybe?
[Edited on 19/09/2008]

Sorry to read that you have been having so many challenges. Glad that things are finally starting to look up. The photo of your baby is gorgeous. smile

I don't know much about formula but can you get a rice milk formula that is for under 2s?

SA, 2 boys


I would go see your local pharmacist and get them to suggest something, as with some of the symptoms you named could mean several things from lactose intolerance (which is an allergic reaction to the natural sugars in milk) to a digestive problem. A pharmacist should be able to help you narrow it down to what it could be. As your child is 13months you can put him on normal full cream milk, you can get lactose free milk. Has he been teething badly? Cause that could explain the whinging, but it may also be a result of digestive problem. But the fact he is losing weight i would talk to a pharmacist they may be able to recommend something or someone to go and see. I use Paul's Milk for my 12month old as well as Karicare Gold fro 1-3yr olds.

Personally i would start with a lactose free milk and see if that helps, instead of using rice milk.
Hope that helps

I have a highly allergic child (egg, dairy, wheat, soy, corn, chicken etc etc etc). I suggest that you head back to the doc who made the rice milk suggestion and let them know you're not comfortable with it and why. Then ask them for a referral to a dietition or allergist (or both).

It could very well be difficulty with milk protein rather than lactose (milk sugar) so I'm sure doc had a reason for suggesting rice milk as the first option.

PM me if you have questions... more than happy to answer them.
Thanks for the reply, trying LF formula at the moment and seems to be going ok. Will try on Zymil if all goes well.

Hi .. i just read your post i know it was posted some time ago but thought i would answer anyway. My 13 month old has allergiesto dairy, wheat, soy etc and she is on a hypoallergenic formula ( on prescription) which you can get from your doc or pediatrician. I would not recommend your bub go on to straight rice milk as u have found out it is not nutritious enough and is in no way a substitution for formula. If your bub has allergies/sensitivities it is more importatn to ensure adequate nutrient intake as their diet is somewhat restricted . i hope this helps, i am a naturopath and nutritionist if u need any other info please PM me.
Relax - my daughter was put onto rice milk due to allergies as well. She turned out fine.
Your little one is over 1 so I presume they are eating?
Keep up the varied diet and you'll get all the nutrients you need.
We buy Vitasoy calcium enriched Rice Milk (my six month old baby is now on it).
Your right that it doesn't contain much fat or vitamins but bub is getting that from the solids so it's not an issue.
I do dilute the rice milk due to the sodium content.
Have you talked to a dietician - there should be one at your local community health centre who can give you better guidance than what you've been given. Otherwise see a paediatric allergist.
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