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Good eater gone BAD Lock Rss

Im actually at a real loss at the minute. DS (18mths) started off a really good eater now its a total battle to get him to eat stuff that he use to love. I dont know if I have gone too hard too early with trying to get him to pretty much eat a variation of what we are (which he loved at the start). I feel dinner time is becoming a battle field with him chucking a hissy fit as soon as I put him in the chair. He has had many a night of going to bed with no dinner as he throws it around or just wont touch what is put in front of him. I know they go through different stages of hunger but this is getting frustrating. I dont want to have a child who will only eat pasta and bananas - I know that is something he will eat any given Sunday!!!! I feel like I am fighting a loosing battle.............
[Edited on 25/09/2008]
Hi, Sorry have not advise to offer just reassurance that you are alone in this boat. our DS(22mths) has never been a huge eater but would always try anything, but now - forget it. I can count on one finger the nights this week he has eaten dinner (because i wasn't up for yet ANOTHER meal to be rejected and gave him a jam sammie - will always eat it.)

Like you we find it frustrating, but at the end of the day (normally) we have a rule that the meal is put in front of him, if he doesnt want it then it is his problem. He will shake his head no, then promptly ask for more 'nana'(which he is not able to eat due to allergies).

We tried for a while swapping lunch and dinner around, so his hot meal was lunch - that worked for 3days at which point we where back at square one. Have you tried it?

Besides getting annoyed/frustrated at the number of meals that get rejected, he eats healthly at every other meal, so figure if he is hungry he will eat.

In the mean time - know that you are not alone and if all else fails, send him to bed and you enjoy his dinner smile
thanks for replying - I was getting worried I was wasting my time posting my frustration. DS is funny - give him pasta with pretty much anything on it - pureed veg or lentils etc or a sausage and baked bean - no worries - gulps it down but put down some veggies or other sort of meat or chicken and no go.
I havent tried swapping meals around - I was hoping to get to the stage where we would end up all having dinner together.
As it stands - if he doesnt eat what is put in front of him within 20 mins (following directive of Robyn Barker) he is out of the chair and dinner is over. I certainly dont expect him to eat all of it - just give it a go and at least try.
DS too LOVES bananas. He usually gets a banana for 'afters' if he has a good go at dinner.
Once again - thanks for the reply.
They do go through periods of being fussy and also reject things that they once ate. Just because they happily ate this or that in the past doesnt mean it will continue.

Just keep as calm as you can because sometimes they do it to wind you up if they are getting a big reaction from you at their not eating.

My DD went through a rough patch where the plate had barely reached her tray and she'd go off "i no like it" and carrying on but after a few weeks she got over it. I'd either put the food down and leave her to it or take it away if it looked like she was going to throw it.... often she would turn around and start eating but sometimes she wouldnt... in which case I'd take her out of her chair and give her half an hour before I'd offer a sandwhich or something as I think its too young to be going to bed hungry. Just made a half hour gap so that she wouldnt think refusing something led to something else.

This worked for us, it turned out to be a phase.

Thx. Will hang in there and try to keep my cool - hard as it is. God knows they feed off our reactions. Just have to keep in mind - THIS IS JUST ONE OF MANY PHASES right?
I guess when he is hungry he will eat!
[Edited on 26/09/2008]
Yep the little varmits know how to get you going LOL smile and this too will pass... even though at the moment it doesnt seem it will.

Take care

my son was a good eater as a baby but now as a toddler im lucky if i can get him to eat anything. He has a bit of cereal or toast of a morning sometimes, sometimes snacks like apple or musli bar but hardly touches it. And chicken nuggets. thats really all hell eat. i feel ive tried everything to & nothing works so i feel for you. His almost 4 & the weight of a 2 yr old. if i send him to bed with nothing as the others suggested he wakes up vomiting. Ive started giving him a multivitam & ovaltine in his milk that has added vitamins for some reasurance.
Well i hope your bub comes round & something helps. Many children are fussy easters most do outgrow this but.
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