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refusing milk at night Lock Rss

my 2 year old won,t drink his milk at night and if he also has,nt had much to eat for dinner, he will wake during the night hungry. He will often want his milk around 3am & go back to sleep.

I have tried to offer him a bit of chocolate flavoring in his milk, warm & cold milk and sometimes he is okay with eating a banana which is at least filling.But often he will go to bed without having much to fill him up. Has anyone got any suggestions.
Hi Gayle,

Are you sure your sons hungry when he wakes??? Maybe he's just waking for other reasons, cold maybe. I have a 13 month old son & he has water during the night. The milk during the night may be a comfort thing& something he's used to. My son was waking for a bottle every morning at 5 & then he's go back to sleep. Suddenly he stopped going back to sleep & was ready for a big play, so i stopped the bottles & he was over it within about a week. I think that it was a comfort thingy too. Have you tried offering boring old water instead. I know how easy it is to give them whatever work at the time, then they go off to sleep but i think he's at the age where he shouldn't really be hungry during the night.

Unfortunately I can't offer any advice on drinking milk, only flavouring & if that doesn't work well there's not really much you can do.

I haven't really been much help, so i hope someone else can offer you more.


Michelle - Mum to 2

Hi Michelle,

I,ve tried tucking him again and I don,t think he is cold because we have ducted heating on low at night usually. I will try the water idea and see what happens. He use to wake up early morning and want to play (so glad he is over that now) but usually he is happy to go back to sleep after he has had milk. It may be that it is for comfort - so I,ll see what happens over the next week. Thanks for your message - Gayle.

Have you tried making a banana milkshake before bed. I used to blend a bit of banana with Aimees milk when she wouldnt drink plain milk out of a cup, it will fill him up a bit more too.
make it seem like a special treat and its healthy too.

2 little darlings 29/01/03 + 17/03/05

Like Michelle I too give my 15 mth old water in the night. If I give in and give her a bottle one night, I et two or three nights of screaming for a bottle before she settles again. It's hard to listen to them screaming, especially when you know a bottle will shut them up, but at 2, your son should not be hungry during the night. If he is offered dinner and milk but doesn't eat/drink, that is his choice. If he spends one or two nights being hungry in the middle of the night he will soon learn to eat during the day when the food is offered.
rest assured he will not starve himself. My daughter had fail to thrive and is underweight and I worried about not giving her the nighttime feeds, but then her specialist told me that no baby who is eating solids needs a nightime bottle, it is purely a comfort thing. It might help to weigh up a few sleepless nights against the prospect of him waking every night which will eventually mean you lose even more sleep.
Good luck

Mum to Maya Grace 02-03, Sienna & Mercedes 10-06


thanks for your advice. I too might have one for myself - I, sure he will love it. Gayle.

I think he is being fussy at the moment & will try a few alternatives such as banana smoothies , milo etc.. But if he does wake at 2am I will try water to see if that helps rather than milk. I have discovered little minds can be so manipulating day or night and it is very easy to become desperate to try a bottle of milk as it usually works (even though he rarely wants it any other time). Thanks for your support & advice - Gayle.
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