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Hi! When can you start giving nutella? My son is 21mths. I'm not sure when you can give them that...

If there is no history of any food allergies in your families, then you could try it now. Although, personally I don't see the point in introducing some-thing like nutella when there are much better options for spreads that aren't going to get them use to having sweet stuff. Its basically like spreading chocolate on a piece of bread.

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

Hi Kazi! Thanks! Yeah its more or less as a now and then sort of thing. I just wasn't quite sure. But there is no one in our family that has a nut allergy.

my DS1 has had peanut butter at 12 months, so figured nutella would be safe! he has had it with no problems. he tells me now what he wants on his sandwich, and surprisingly it isnt always the sweet stuff. he will have cheese, honey, jam, ham, vegemite etc. i dont worry too much about having nutella, he is very active and his diet is good with lots of fruit and veg and dairy.

no reason for u not to give it to him now, my son is 22mths and loves the stuff

Jess 24 James 31 Ashley 2 years 26 Weeks preg

Well I gave ds some and yeah didn't really seem to keen in it. But now I've been eating too much of it lol! Oh well...
We give some to our girls once a week or less, we started about about 11 months.. as long as there are no nut allergies in the family you should be ok.
I would steer clear of nutella because it has so much trans fatty fats which are the bad fats. These are not good for children or adults. There's so many healthier alternatives out there. Give nutella a miss for the sake of your children's health and your own.

SA, 2 boys

my ds is 2yrs 3mnths and he tried it for the first time a few months back, I dont keep it in the house but I babysit for these kids who eat all junk food you can imagine and they love nutella so ds eats it on his toast occasionally when we are there, hes probably had it about 4 times altogether, not soemthing i would give him often though
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