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  5. my 2 1/2 yo wont eat proper foods like vegies HELP ME PLS

my 2 1/2 yo wont eat proper foods like vegies HELP ME PLS Lock Rss

my 2yo son wont eat vegies at all i try and hide them and he still wont eat it pls help
is their any way i can get him to eat them with out spitting his food out pls any idea's
this must be very stressful for you. My son is 23mths and does eat his vegies(sometimes he doesn't)
I put cut up vegies in macaroni cheese for my son. He loves it. I also was told that frozen vegies are just as good , so I put peas and corn in my macaroni cheese.
I also make a light gravy sometimes, which he loves. I pour a little onto a plate and then put small portions of each vegie on his high chair.(peas, corn broccoli and cauliflower) Then we play a game and say the vegie and then do dippies. So I pick up a piece of broccoli and say what it is then dip it in and then give it to him. He loves it. Thenhe has a turn.(with some assistance sometimes)
You could do this with whatever sauce or topping your son likes.
I also cook a dish of savory mince and have it rice. I add cut up vegies to the savory mince and then add the rice. Tastes fantasic and he is getting lots of nutrients.

I hoped this has helped a little bit. I'll think of some more and try and get back to you.
Take good care
Hi missymoo800. my name is sue. My daughter sarah is almost 3 years old, she won't eat veggies either. but she eats salad veggies. Maybe that will help different colours. and its crunchie try that, it works for my 2 1/2 and 4 year old.

My e-mail is [email protected]
I hope I solved your problem, if not don't worry it's normal keep trying.
I have that problem with my 16 month old. You might be lucky to get one or two peas into him. Then he realises what they are and somehow seems to be able to swallow everything else and spit out the peas.

The only way that I have found so far to get him to eat his vegies, is to make a stew in the slow cooker, you know the ones that cook all day. This way he'll eat carrot, pumpkin, potatoes, peas and any other vegies I put in there.
My 2 1/2 year old won't eat veges either. He also won't eat salad or most fruits. The only fruit he will eat is mandarin, orange and banana. I have mentioned this to a few different Doctors and they have all told me not to worry to much yet. So long as he is eating something he is fine. He loves his Nutri Grain and dairy products as well as meat and fish. It is so hard at this age to get them eat so I have started getting my son to help me pack little snacks for him in the fridge every morning and this has helped a bit. He still won't agree to the veges but he is eating more in general and he can have them when ever he is hungry.


You can also try stuff like grating carrots or zucchini and adding it to a bolognaise sauce. They usually don't even realise it's there.

When my son was 2 1/2 he wasn't keen on most vegies either - but he would eat frozen peas, straight from the freezer! He also would eat fresh corn on the cob (if he was in the mood).

One thing I still do is to serve a small separate plate of vegies first, in the hope they will be so hungry it will all get eaten. Half the time it works!

Jacob and Joshua's mum

Hi Missymoo, I have a 2 year old boy and he wont touch fruit or vegies either. I have read and followed all the advice from the professionals and have realised that it is a battle that you cant win so it is best to avoid all out war! My little boy used to eat fruit and vegies but became fussy at 1 year old!! (Its funny really because he loves banana flavoured foods like custard and ice cream and milk but he wont eat a banana, he also loves strawberry flavour like yoghurt and milk but he wont eat strawberries and he will eat those tubs of pureed apple and strawberry but he wont eat slices of apple!) Pretty much we just have to think positive and be a bit sneaky. I cant complain too much about my boy as he eats weet bix for breakfast every morning, he always drinks enough milk, and when i am sneaky he eats fruit in his yoghurt and in fruit smoothies. (Dr Christopher Greens book 'toddler taming' has some pretty good advice if you want to read that)
good luck

Amanda NSW mother to Jacob & Katelyn

missy moo!!

SOUP!! With toast fingers they can dip in themselves.

May not work - did for us - sometimes I even puree a casserole and make it a bit more liquid - my son will dip his toast in and on some occasions even have a couple of spoonfulls.

Doesnt always work - but he doesnt eat much meat either, so this is one way to get a bit of both in to him.

All the best

Louise, Vic, mum of Daniel almost 3yrs

Hi missymoo,

Luckily my son (who is now 16 months) has always eaten his vegies and fruit, but now, just for variety, I've tried a few different things which he really likes. I make spagetting bolognase and chop vegies up really finely, like carrots, beans, zucini and add corn kernals to the mince, then serve that with spiral pasta which he loves. Also another goody is grating potato, carrots, zucini, finely chopping onion whatever else you can think of, then mix it together with an egg for binding, make little patties out of them and fry them in a little olive oil for veggie patties. My son loves them as is, his little cousin likes them with tomato sauce. Another way I mix vegies in for him is in chicken and vegetable lasagne and I also make chicken and vegie pasta with cheese sauce. Also vegetable quiche. Try some of these and see how you go. Hope it helps.
My 23month old LOVES his fruit but i cannot get him to eat any vegies or salad. Most the time he wont even touch his dinner. It seems he just wonts to snack all day and i run out of ideas for nutritionous snacks to make sure he has all the dietry requirements. If anyone has some recipes that they're toddlers love i would appreciate to have them passed on. email me at [email protected]

Judi,NSW, 2 boys under 2

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