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When should Bottles stop? Lock Rss

Hello Mums,

Just wondering what the general thoughts are on when we should stop giving our toddlers a bottle? My daughter is 18 months old and has a bottle to go down for her nap and a bed time bottle. I am 7 weeks away from giving birth to my second child and keep telling myself I should wean my daughter before the baby is born... what do you think?

Would love to hear other mum's thoughts and experiences.

Hi Michelle
Toby hasn't had a bottle since he was 12 months old but he never really had a bottle very often only when I was out as he was fully breast fed and had a sipper cup for water. When I switched him to cow's milk he just had that in a cup as well.

Kelly,QLD, boy 23.01.03 and girl 08.04.05

Hi Michelle,
From what I understand it is best to give your child some form of milk drinks up until the age of two. However, I am no expert on the subject so don't take this for gospel. I am presently still breast-feeding my 14 month old girl. She gets one feed first thing in the morning and one feed last of all at night before going down to bed. That is the only milk she has. I am planning on trying to continue with this until she is close to two.

Linda (Jessica 3/4/03, Caleb 11/4/05)


My 17month old daughter has a bottle before she goes to bed and she has 2 cups of milk in the day.
I stopped giving Aimee a day bottle when she was 14 months old as it was a hassel and I brought her a "special" cup only for milk.

If the new baby is bottle fed you might find that your daughter wants a bottle too for comfort as she might feel a little insecure.

If she is happy and your happy to give her a bottle dont rush it, she will most probaly give it up when she is ready.

2 little darlings 29/01/03 + 17/03/05

I agree, if you aren't worried about giving her a bottle then don't rush the fact about stopping it. My 14 month old still has 2 bottles a day and I guess she will give it up when she's ready along with her dummy, but until then she still has them. I can relate to you though as you probably have people saying, "Isn't she too big for that, etc, etc". My father in law is always commenting and I just tell him that the more he comments the longer she will have her bottle and dummy. That usually shuts him up. See ya.
my daughter (17 mths) usually has 1 bottle a day for breakfast as she doesn't like eating much for breakfast or sometimes we will give her a second bottle for bedtime at night but more often these days she is just going without milk as she isn't wanting it. We have tried to give her milk in a special cup instead of her bottle, but she doesn't want it. I know she can go without the bottle but my husband usually offers it to her anyway as there is nothing wrong with giving toddlers or kids milk everyday, which I do have to agree with him on this (one of the rare occaisons where he is right!!) But I guess the main thing is to try and wean them off the bottle and get them to have milk in a cup. Even on the occaisons when we have tried giving Baylee milk in a cup, she will take sip and then throw the cup on the ground along with the rest of the milk in it, she thinks it's very funny, but we have gotten over the cuteness of it all.

Mel, SA

My son had a bottle before bedtime and any naps up until he was 3...with the beaker spout. I didn't worry as I think it gave him some security when settling, plus I knew he would give it up when ready, also it was non sill so no messes. Once he turned 3 we bought him a non spill cup with a straw and he changed to that with no fuss.

Mum(29) - DS 7yr, DD 4yr & DD 2yr

Well I was kind of wondering the same thing actually. James still has a bottle first thing in the morning and one after his bath in the late arvo. I'm planning to offer his morning one in a cup soon and see what happens. Keep the other as part of his bedtime routine for the time being!

Kristina, Mum of James 3yrs & Matilda 14 months

Hi, i'm a breastfeeder so my 11 month old is still on the breast, but from 2 months old she has had water in a cup. I never gave her any water before that. Having worked in daycare, i know the most successful time to stop 12 months, and to give them a cup through the day and maybe just one bottle at night if you feel she still needs that, then eventually cut that out, too. I use Avent Magic Cup which has a fast flow spout and is non-spill, and have found it very good. She has only ever had milk from me and water in a cup, never a bottle at all, so maybe just giving her that one bottle for a few weeks and trying her on a cup one night to see how she goes.
Good luck!

mother to Hannah born August 9 2003

According to my Maternal & Child Health nurse, all bottles should stop once a baby turns 12 months old and they should have all their milk from a cup (unless of course they're still being breastfed)!!

I'm not listening to her though because my son (age 14 months) loves his bottle. I breastfed him until he was 12 months, then tried to give him cow's milk in a cup, but he wouldn't drink it from a cup. He happily drinks milk from a bottle though. Every couple of days, I try giving him milk in a cup (I've tried several different cups) but he's just not interested.

He has 2, sometimes 3 bottles of milk (150mls each time) each day. One in the morning, one before his day sleep and one before bed at night.

I don't really see how it matters whether they consume their milk from a bottle or a cup. After all, they are both just drinking vessels.
My daughter had a bottle of milk before bed until she turned 3 and this has not affected her in any adverse way...(not that I'm aware of anyway!!!)

Just go with the flow...

just reading through this post i had to go and get a big glass of milk for myself!!
Tasmin is about 20 mths now and the reason she still has a bottle at night is im to scared to take it away for the sake of messing up her great sleep patten.
she has been in her big bed now for twoish months so any changes should be fine now, but i love my full nights sleep at the moment. it also has been something we have done since she was born, so it would be like the last of her baby habits to go.
why do we have to stop it?
i have a big hot milo every night before bed and if some one tried to take that away.........well!!
i dont really know when you should stop, maybe when you are trying to toilet train? not to much liquid before bed.
when she is having her bottle its really the only time me, my partner, and tasmin have a special time together and when the new bub comes along i think we will all look forward to her bottle as our special time together
good luck in what you choose bye!

catherine mum to tasmin and Liam

hi, sophie is nearly 16 months old and I have just taken her bottles away...but for good reason. She was waking almost every night, once sometimes twice, and as she associated going to sleep with a bottle, she wanted one to go back to sleep with! With another bub on the way, getting up to 2 in the night would just about kill me I reckon. So I bit the bullet and have taken them away completely. She now drinks her milk in a cup during the day and goes to bed with no bottle. The first 3 days were the hardest (had to do the controlled crying thing) but she goes to sleep fine now and even sleeps all night and if she wakes, she settles herself back to sleep (mostly) without that bottle! I have also read that babies that drink from bottles after the age of 12 months have increased risk of tooth decay etc, so the sooner you get them out of it the better they say...hope this helps!

Sophie and Daniel's Mum - Tassie

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