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Very fussy eater ! HELP !!!! Lock Rss

My two year old has become a fussy eater. It appears she wont eat the same food as me and her dad. She was still stuck on baby food, but now days that wont even go down. She does eat during the day with no problems but dinner is a real issue. She wont eat normal food like cherrios or meat or jelly.. basicly she will eat potato, marmite anything, fish fingers, weetbix. dairy food or ice cream. Help !!! We are about to have number two this year..... any ideas ?
Both of my girls have been fussy eaters. When the little one (now 20 months) got that way a few months ago, I switched the main meal to lunch time and gave her a sandwich for dinner...seemed to help a little. It was just she was too tired to make any sort of effort at night I think.

Also, don't fuss too much....if she sees you are getting distressed when she doesn't eat, she will bung it on even more. At 2, they are old enough to know what will get a reaction out of you. Just take the food away and make it clear that dinner is over.

If she doesn't eat what is put in front of her, don't give in and give her dessert..otherwise she will know that she can make a fuss everytime, and still be rewarded with ice cream for example.

On the other hand, if she truly doesn't like something, it's another matter. Just try to find stuff she likes and give that to her.

I have found with DD1 (7 yrs) that meal times don't get any easier smile

Good luck! Hope it gets better for you, and good luck with number 2....pre order a baby that eats! LOL

3 girls are enough...the shop is now shut!

Im having the exact same problems with my two year old, He will sometimes eat food If I feed him from off my dinner plate but refuses to eat baby food unless it is sweet, the only things I have success with is fish fingers,toasted sandwiches and rice cakes with vegemite on them but only If I sit and eat the same food on the same plate with him. Im not really worrying too much about how fussy he is as I just try giving him something else after waitng a while about the only things he will eat on his own are bowls of chopped fruit(watermelon,banana,strawberries,apples and blueberries) bowls of youghurt and I make him a plate with some silverside,ham and cheese or sometimes pieces of roast beef when we have aq roast, as he seems to like using his fingers best and if he is having a really bad day and being a complete fusspot I just make him drink a banana milkshake with a bit of yoghurt and wheat bran in it as he thinks it is a treat and I know its pretty filling.

I know how frustrating it can be Ive tried making him things like mini pizzas,quiches etc just to have them thrown on the floor or given to the dogs!!
I think with children is that you have to remember that they won't starve themselves. If you provide a wide selection of healthy foods for them and don't fuss over how much or little of it they eat then they will eat what their body needs. I would agree that desert is a treat and shouldn't be given if they haven't eated any of their savory meal. Worry less about 'mealtime' and just offer frequent healthy snacks throughout the day. A healthy favourite of my DD's is homemade popcorn - no salt or sugar added, and it's really cheap.

I have found that when my DD doesn't eat it's often simply because she is not hungry and no amount of alternative meals will get her to eat on those occasions.

Here are a couple of things to try....
Ask your child how many more bites they think that they should take before the meal is over. Now the adult in you would But surprisingly you will often hear your child say 5 or 7 or even 10! (make sure your child can count high enough before you try this one). Then you can have fun together counting the bites that are left to take.

Another things is giving desert by proprtion. So if your child only ate 3 tea-spoons of their meal, then they only get 3 tea-spoons of icecream.

I like the suggestion of serving dinner at lunch time, that way you can elliminate tiredness from the issue.

Be careful not to let your child fill up on dairy, this is very filling and can not provide all the nutreants they need.
[Edited on 09/01/2009]
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