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He's gone off his milk Rss

My little tacker (22mths) eats like a horse. Until recently he enjoyed (skulled no less) 1x 280ml bottle of milk first thing in the morning and 1x 280ml in the arvo after his nap. For the last fortnight he has been mostly disinterested in his milk.

I've tried jazzing it up by making smoothies, but he just doesnt have the amount he used to.
Is this a normal phase?
How much milk do other 22mth olds have daily?

Narelle, Melbourne, 4 yr old and 18mth old boys

My DD now 3 went off her milk at around 18 months. It lasted for awhile but she went back to having milk at dinner or before bed. It's not worth worrying about if he has enough other dairy. Did you try milo or Quik in his milk?
My son now 3 went off milk at a early age and hasn't gone back to drinking it. I got a powder product call whey powder and added it to fresh up orange juice so he got everything out of the juice that he would from the milk. The man I talked to about it said the powder was better as milk doesn't have that much absorbable calcium in it anyway. I also feed my son 2 Wheatbix every morning and use vita soy milk which he prefers he will also drink milkshakes. My son has done perfectly fine without milk.
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