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1yr hates meal times! Lock Rss

My DD has recently turned one and is making meal times very difficult.

When she sits in her high chair she just squirms around. I try and put food in her mouth but she just chucks a tantie and spits it out getting it all over herself.

I have recently changed to using sipper cups, one for milk and another for water. During the day she has 3x200ml of milk and i just let her drink her water whenever she pleases. However i am concerned that she is drinking quite a bit of water during the day, maybe 3-4 full cups of water, which is affecting her appetite.

Any insight and advice into this would be muchly appreciated.
My daughter went through an independence stage at about that age - where she did not like me feeding her. I found the best way of getting her to eat was serving most of her meal as finger food so she could feed herself. This was particularly effective if I pulled her highchair up to the table and I was eating the same food at the same time. She used to drink similar amounts of fluid to your daughter. It also was not unusual for meal times to be very messy, and require a change of clothes, even if she had a bib on.

Good luck.

mum to 2 girls


You gotta love them but dont they just drive you nuts sometimes!

My 1yr old angel has been pretty much the same as your little one up until just recently, say the last week (touch wood... before then I'd put her in her high chair and mostly before i'd even show her food the little tantie's start and then when i'd actually try and feed her she'd shake her head and carry on. If i was actually lucky enough to land a spoonfull in her mouth she'd spit it straight back out at me!!

As far as drink goes, she drinks 3-200ml bottles of milk and usually about 3-4 cups of water also...

My health nurse assured me it was just a stage... dont get me wrong, she's certainly not a good eater now, but i do normally get 1 good meal a day into her without too much fuss.. still a little carry on but we're getting better so i'm starting to think there's a light at the end of the tunnel (fingers crossed).

Good luck, hope your DD picks up soon!


Belinda, WA, lovely baby girl

Hi all

I seem to be going through the same stage with my darling one year old. We found that if we used a booster seat (like those used in a car) and a harness so that he is strapped in safly helped with the tantie. The chair with placed up against a wall so he could not fall backwards. The harness is similar to those of a walking harness.

Don't get me wrong we still have troubles with food as he will only eat finger food and will throw most foods on the floor but we found that at less the tantie over the highchair easier. Tanties still occur when the harness at times.
Our child health nurse told us to let Isobel drink as much water as she wanted during the day, but to make sure that she didn't drink any about three quarters of an hour before eating to make sure she had an appetite. Also, we were told to only give a cup of milk after breakfast and after tea, so she didn't fill up on that either.

Mum to Isobel 2, and William 4mths

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