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Calling all "Tandem" feeders... Rss

I have recently found out that I have fallen pregnant with bub number two have still have my 10month old on the breast. He will be 18months when the new bub arrives and I would like to continue breastfeeding until he reaches AT LEAST the minimum recommended 2 years (recommended by WHO).

I am wondering how other mums went with feeding their older babies during subsequent pregnancies and beyond? Would love to hear about any thoughts you have on this subject, difficulties you experienced, comments to be on the look out for (have already had the "won't he take all the milk for the new baby?" one from well meaning family and the "but you'll be exhaused"), and of course the positives!

Thanks guys!

Logan 03/05/05 Lily 06/11/06

hi ,
i found out i was pregnant when my bub was about 18 mths too and feeding till at least two was important to me.
i met many people who had tandem fed through the Aust Breastfeeding Assoc. have you seen their website? they have discussion forums too.

i found i had some breastrefusal issues early on in pregnancy but i kept offerring and she returned to the boob then i had really sensitive nipples and had to limit feeds because it was so painful and i wanted it too still be really positive not me resenting it and gritting my teeth in pain. i had no supply problems, though some women may notice their supply drops off, but i have always had heaps of milk!

i weaned dd from the boob when she was two (goof time i felt to make a fuss with the birthday, you're a big girl etc.) because i wanted the baby all to myself in a way (selfish) so never really did the tandem feeds but i know heaps of women who did/do.

i never felt any extra tiredness, infact nursing dd was a good way to lie down and rest while i was pregnant.

congrats and good luck with your new baby smile

mum of 3 girls

Hi Logansmum,
I found out I was pregnant when my son was6 months old (so 15 months between). I asked the doctor if I should start to wean him to get ready for the new baby and he said that I would have already dried up and he was getting nothing anyway. I went home and checked and, sure enough, I had no milk!!
Just thought I'd share that cos I don't see how you can tandem feed when you should dry up before the baby is born.
Anyway, congratulations on your pregnancy. Take care.

Sue. Mum of Zac, Ashlee, BJ and Tahlia. Vic

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