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eating burgers? Lock Rss


my 19 month old son loves to munch on chips biscuits and all other finger food. he eats meat patties good when they are by themselves and i brake it up for him or he holds the patty and eats it.

he just doesnt want to eat a that normal? are other toddlers taking their time to start eating one?

Tania and Jaiden

are you serious or is this a joke?
my ds is 2 1/2 and the few times we've had chicken burgers i cut it in half but he just opens it up and picks out the meat, eats that and leaves the rest. oh he'll eat the cheese out of it too and sometimes the bun. I think they're too young to hold and eat a whole burger!
Kids don't tend to like the taste of everything like that together at that age. They'll pick it to pieces first! lol
Probably closer to 2-2 1/2 and even that depends on how big, what's on it, etc.

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