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when and how to take away the bottle?? Rss

MY 2yo son will happily drink water from a sports type bottle or cup but will not drink milk from anything but the bottle (I have tried every type of sippy cup etc)-he is having one bottle in the morning, one for his nap at midday and one after dinner before bed. I am mixing 150ml cows milk with 100ml water as he consumes plenty of yoghurt/custard to make up his calcium requirements and I was concerned he is having too much milk. I am torn as to whether he should still have a bottle as he seems to be asking for it more lately, whenever a bit tired or cranky which means we are sneaking in an extra one most days.
This week I tried to take the bottle out of the picture by replacing the teat with a spout, he wouldn't touch it and consequently has not drank milk for 3 days and seemed tired and listless ever since, I couldn't stand it and gave in to the bottle this morning-this is long winded but I am tearing my hair out at what to do next......

Tracy, NSW, Fletcher 2yo

Hi Tracy,

I had a similar problem with my daughter at about 18 months.....I had previously tried to wean her off the bottles at about 12 months without success but then ended up going cold turkey and taking the bottles away completely at 18 months.

She drank hardly any milk and was grumpy for about a week but I think once she realised it was the sippy cups or nothing she got back into it.

Today, almost 4 months later, her milk consumption isn't as good as it used to be but I substitute with cheese sticks, yoghurt, custard etc to make sure she gets the calcium she needs.

Not sure if this helps you or not....goodluck

QLD, DD 8/7/04, DS 6/04/06

Hi, I did the same as Bebe. I went cold turkey when my son was 15mths. He soon realised it was a sippy cup or nothing and it took about a week. We did the same and made sure he received calcium from other sources. Have you tried a straw cup? they are the cheapy ones from coles. It was a real novelty for my son. The only thing is they spill when tipped upside down!!! Good luck............

Kylie, VIC, James 4yrs, Alannah 2.5yrs & bub no 3

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