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How much meat should a toddler eat? Lock Rss

My sophie is 15 months old and is not a big fan of meat. She may pick a little at lamb or minced up steak and chicken etc, but does not eat a large quantity by any means. She loves her vegies and most nights will eat those before the meat. Im just wondering what is the minimum amount she should be having for her iron requirements, and are there any suggestions for other iron rich foods that I could I try to get my fussy toddler to eat?

Sophie and Daniel's Mum - Tassie

I'm not sure what the requirements are for how much meat they should be eating at this age.
Does she eat her vegies whole or does she still have them mashed? I was just thinking you could add some meat to her vegie dish, by chopping it up really small, or grating it (just using a cheese grater) and mixing it in with the vegies. Or if she's having a rice or pasta dish, mix the meat in. Have you tried tuna? My 14 month old loves it.
For the extra protein she may be missing by not eating meat, what about adding some egg to her meal. Or baked beans?

Best of luck
Hi Sophie's_mum,

My daughter is 19 months old and is slowly getting better with the amount of meat she eats. However to cover her iron requirements I give her S-26 Toddler Vanilla Formula in her milk. It is high in calciun, iron and many other essential vitamins and minerals. Some vegetables like spinach, silver beet and broccoli are also high in iron. If your daughter enjoys her fresh vegetables then I wouldn't be too concerned.

Hope this helps,

Michelle smile

My kids have never been big meat eaters either. Lamb cutlets and sliced leg ham are about the only things they will eat, and of course the standard spag bol.

I hope your situation improves.


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