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Sandwiches Rss

My son is nearly 2.5 yrs and won't eat sandwiches - I've even tried putting chocolate (well nutella) on and all he does is lick it off - this makes lunch a very stressful time for me as I think he must be the only child on this planet who won't eat sandwiches!!!! Please help!!!!


have you tried using a cookie cutter to cut them into shapes? worked for my little bro.... Good Luck!


No your not the only one.
My son won't touch bread unless it's toasted.

Wouldn't life (lunch) be a whole lot easier if they would just eat a vege sandwich or something.

Instead I have to give him pasta or macoroni cheese or spaghetti with toast...

My son also hates at lunch times I'm really struggling too.


Going by the other posts, you (and me) are obviously not on your own in the sandwich arena. James will rarely eat a sandwich. Occasionally if we are around one particular friend (she has two kids that James adores and sees regularly), he will eat a sandwich if her kids are eating them.
I have recently (like the last week or two) started to buy multigrain bread (opposed to the white bread I used to buy), and he seems to be more keen on eating sandwiches. Don't know what kinds of bread you've tried, but thought this might be worth trying.....?

James' Mum

My nephew didn't start eating bread until just before going to school. He's a very stubborn child. He'd eat anything resembling a cake though. They got him eating things like pikelets, pancakes and muffins. Then one day he accidentally ate a small bread roll - he thought it was a muffin!

Hope this helps.

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