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18mth old bottles per day? Lock Rss

My son is just over 18mths old and loves his bottles. I know he should be using a sippy cup and we have been trying this for his mid-day milk but I'm not sure if he should be having so much milk? He is on goats milk because it seems gentler on his stomach and has a bottle when he wakes around 7am of 160mls then a sippy cup (only just started the sippy cup and he is not liking it as he has to sit up but trying to persist) around 100-150mls just before 2:30 afternoon nap around 2pm and then around 150mls just before bed around 7:15.

How much are other 18mth olds drinking and how do I cut out the bottles when he is so content with it. We never put him to sleep with one, he always just lays on his fold out sofa till its finished then puts the bottle up on the bench.

[edit] Oh and he does eat other calcium rich foods like cheese and yoghurt most days so I could be giving him TOO much??
[Edited on 17/03/2009]

just a quick suggestion - got to get back to cooking tea! - but if you think he is getting enough milk, you could try putting just water in his bottle, and milk in a sippy cup.
My girls are 17 months old and they have about 100 mls in a sippy cup at lunch time or afternoon tea time, then they have 250-300 mls before bed in a bottle.

What happens if you don't offer him a bottle? I cut my girls bottles out 1 at a time and just offered a bit in a sippy cup instead.
Have a look at "Kids health issues - How much milk should my child drink?" on the Huggies website. It's very helpful.


My 18 month old still has her 2 bottles a day. 200ml on wake-up and 200mls before bed. She doesn't take it to bed either - also lies on her sofa, drinks the bottle and then gives it back.

During the day its water in the sippy cup with the occasional watered down juice.
my 18month old only has one bottle which is about 170mls...
however eats yogurt, custard and cheese everyday.. yogurt for morning tea and custard with a banana for afternoon tea.. cheese with his lunch or dinner..

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