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Finger Food Ideas?? Lock Rss

As the battle to get my 13 mth old son to eat continues, I am enlisting everyone out there's help to compile a list of some good healthy finger food ideas... Any ideas appreciated.

Angela 26, Zane 18/02/05, Baby girl due 16/06/06

My 18month old loves pasta, so we give the larger penne shape with the ribbing pattern( i think its called torgatelli). If you chop up the veges and meat reasonably small, some gets into the noodle.also some gets stuck on the ribbing. not as messy as youd think- once its in a tiny bit, emma sucks it up quickly.

thin sausages are also good. we need to give em full fat ones as shes small but you could always get the low fat ones to be more healthy.
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