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When to stop boiling water first Lock Rss

Hi Everyone,
Just a quick question on when it is o.k to stop boiling the water first. DD is 14 months and I still boil her water first for formula (still on formula, but moving slowly on to milk) and also when giving water. I just do it out of habit now, but was wondering if its o.k to give straight from the tap at this age?


Hi Jenny

We were doing the same thing, just boiling water because we had always done it and would you believe I actually felt nervous stopping? I think we stopped when bubba was about 16 months, but I believe you can stop just over that 1 year mark safely. We are very lucky here to have good water so we just fill the water jug (designated just for my son's water) and refrigerate it each day for the next bottle refill. He also just has water from the tap for his cup as well.

All the best ~ Tj

Ethan's mama

Hi Jenny,

I too faced the same dilemma. James is now 14 months old and is drinking water from the tap. I have heard it is good to give them tap water especially when they start getting teeth as the fluoride in the water helps with strenghening and preventing decay. When you think about it you wash their bowls, spoons etc using tap water and it doesn't harm them.


We too had the same question, I first satrted out with just a little bit of tap water in with his juice to dilute it then when we became comfortable with that moved on to it in his bottles. It made the transition for me easier anyway, we started that we he was about 9 mths And he is now 2 & 4 mths, with no problems.
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