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Help!! Toddler Hates EVERYTHING Except Junk :( Lock Rss

Hi all .. I have read and read everything I can until I'm almost cross-eyed, and I don't know what to do for my 21 month old son. Over the past week he has decided not to eat anything other than junk (which of course he will gladly eat) and yes, we are guilty and put our hands up for giving into him, just to get him to eat something! He won't eat vegies or meat at all, won't eat pasta or cereal, sandwiches etc - occassionally will fang some apple, orange or banana (very occassionally). My husband used to be a chef and whips him up delicious little homemade muffins, sweet and savoury as well as filled toasties, vegies and the list goes on and on - the little beggar won't even put them in his mouth to see what they taste like. We are down to him maybe fanging a piece of toast - IF you strike the topping right - sometimes with marmite, sometimes with jam, sometimes just plain butter - but even though he might have asked for the topping, if its not what he was ultimately thinking, it gets chucked on the floor in disgust, as does everything else. Yoghurt has even gone by the wayside. Please help .. what do you give a toddler who won't eat anything??? We've even tried just leaving a plate of food within eyesight, hoping he might pick at it ... NOT! We have tried all the creative things they suggest on the handouts and sheets plus our own and we're getting no where. HELP! HELP! HELP!

Ethan's mama

I have the same problem with my girl she's 4 but she's allways been fussy, she has started to not eat things she has in the past liked. for example she loved corn now she whant tuch it, so now the veriety of food she'll eat is starting to decrease. She allso stubern and whant try new things.

ellison30, Jessica 8 and patrick 4

Hi there Sweetie1.

Join the club. Luke is nearly 2 and won't eat anything, it's such hard work trying to get something into him.

He is 88cm tall and 15kgs so its not like he's skinny or underweight.

He wasn't that bad earlier on but now it's getting really bad and fruit is a big no no to him. He turns his nose up at anything that is cold, soft or mushy
He would only eat things that are hot or crunchy like toast, chips (hot), maybe a pasta and custard.
He now sticks his nose up at pasta, custard, toast and anything else I cook or make. It's very frustrating, I throw so much food out it's not funny. Sometimes I can offer him 5 different dishes and he purses his lips together and shakes his head.

Love's maccas, and anything else in the way of bickies, chips, basically anything he shouldn't really have.

Hubby walks around with him on his hip and destracts him or sits in the car with him just to get a few mouthfuls into him.

He went to bed tonight with no dinner, he had 2 spoonfulls of mash/gravy, that's it....

Not sure what to do...

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