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Any ideas on how to stop a 19 month old throwing food? If it's a food she doesn't like - it ends up flung across the room and she tends to like tipping everything off bowls/plates when she's finished eating.

Very frustrating and messy.
My DS has been a bit food thrower. I went through a stage where I would get very upset and angry with him, and he would just laugh. then I went through a stage of just ignoring him do it (very difficult). We have started having more "family meals" and sitting together to eat for meals and I think this is the thing that has helped the most. We also have clear signs on how he can tell us that he has had enough or he doesnt like it. Sometimes he still throws food, but it is getting less frequent. Not sure if any of this helps, but I can sympathies with how frustrating it can be particularly you have spent time cooking a lovely meal and trying to keep your house clean !
I probably sound like a very mean mum but my 20 month old DS went throught this stage a couple of weeks ago and I found getting upset or annoyed with him achieved nothing and he often laughed at me so I did what he disliked the most which was to tell him that we don't throw/tip our food and I would turn his highchair to face the corner for a minute. I'd then explain to him afterwards that we don't do that and ask him for a sorry kiss.

Good luck, it does pass smile

My daughter did the same thing, we tryed all of the above too and a firm NO. For her it was more of a stage. She rarely does it now
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