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My DD is 21-mth old now, she still can't or maybe doesn't want to learn to use spoon to feed herself. She likes eating with hand. How about yours little one? How do you train them to use spoon?

My 17 months old can feed himself with the spoon, but mostly prefers to use the hands. There is no way to make him eat with a spoon if he is very hungry or tired. However I have noticed that he will use his spoon more if I give him the metallic spoon and fork set instead of a plastic one. Coles sells one in the baby section (brand is Tomme Tippee, I think) which is from 24 months on. He loves it!

I also have to say that he discovered the spoon from one day to another and I was already thinking he would never get it. The funny thing was that he was using the fork earlier than the spoon. And that now that he can use both, he prefers his hands.
My 21 mth old can feed herself, in fact she wont let me at all any more. She too goes between her spoon/fork and hands. When she was younger I gave her a spoon to hold on to and practise with whilst I was feeding her, messy, but she soon understood the concept. Maybe you could buy her a set of her own with her fav characters on it, the Wiggles, etc.
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