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Juice - how much? Lock Rss

Does anybody give their kids juice .. mine seems to go hypo on it. Think he'll just have to have water.


olivia doesn't have any juice as she LOVES water and i want to keep it that way. She eats alot of fruit so i don't really see the need for her to have juice.
are you offering the heinz fruit juice? If i was to give Liv any juice it would be that!

No, it's just normal juice .. I actually looked at those labels and it's exactly the same, in fact the heinz one had more sugar.. I have been watering it down but think I will just stop buying it for a while so he forgets about it. He eats a heap of fruit as well so he can just enjoy that.


Hi I have a 5 year old DD & a DS 14 & half months old.
They both do not have juice or soft drink.


water it down if you do give it if you buy it commercial. No more than 250mls/day I read which was recommended by the dental people due to the effect it will have on teeth.
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