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Please help me with fruit Lock Rss

Hi there, my little girl is just over 15 months and will not eat a piece of fruit. She will eat fruit if i mush it all together like pureed baby food but will turn her nose up and throw it on the floor if i give her whole pieces.
I have tried offering her fruit everyday even though she doesn't eat it, i also eat fruit in front of her and offer her mine but it still doesn't work.
If any one could give me any suggestions i would really appreciate it.
Also she has become a very fussy eater and i am really struggling to get her to eat meat, vegies and eggs amongst other things.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

I think you mean you are giving her a whole banana or a whole apple or whatever... what about taking skins off and cutting into bite size pieces, or putting bite size pieces on a skewer... so like a kebab or arranging bite size pieces in a pattern on a plate so the pretty colours grab her attention.

Failing that... I heard of a kid that never ate fruit until he went to playgroup ... where that was all that was on offer at morning tea and he saw all the other kids eat it so joined in.

mush it like you have been and then freeze it with a stick in it to make it like an icelolly or icecream on a stick. Maybe add some yoghurt to the puree mix. Hope that helps.
Thanks for the ideas, i will give them a try. She will be starting daycare in the next couple of months so if i still have no luck hopefully she will eat it there. I will just keep trying to offer it to her and hopefully one day she will surprise me.
Hi there

My son is the same and is 2.5 years old now! He will eat apple and banana thats it. I mash banana into his weetbix or porridge and he also will eat pureed fruit like goulburn valley Etc. I now its not ideal but I figure its better than none! He eats the same few dinners also, very fussy! Try not to stress about it, keep offering it its all you can do. I am the same I eat quite a bit of fruit and we eat quite healthy lots of salad and vegies and he isnt interested. I have been told they change eventually!

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