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The bottle is gone!!! Lock Rss

I just thought I'd share my experience with all the mums battling to rid the bottle fom their much-too-big toddlers. My son was fully breastfed until 11 months when I developed repeated, severe mastitis, requiring strong antibiotics and having my duct unblocked. So, as my son was not willing to go straight to a cup after being denied the breast so quickly, I gave him abottle. This was fine for a while, then we started to wean him off it at about 20 months of age. He was using a cup regularly by then and the bottle was nearly gone. Then he was diagnosed with oseomyelitis in his thighbone. We had to have extensive tests and hospital stays (they originally thought it was a tumour), so the surgeon said to bring his bottle to hospital as acomfort and distraction. As it happens, this saved us a lot of pain and distress. He had two operations and three general anaesthetics, and many bone scans, x-rays and MRI's.He took medications in his bottle and used it for comfort. This, though, put us back to square one with the weaning! Now he is 2 and 4 months and has taken the lid off his bottle and poured it thru his bed... It's time to go. So for the last three days he has had no bottle (he was only having one a day), and I put it in the bin. I told my son that it was going in the rubbish truck - which he loves to watch every week. So, I've taken the bottle out of the kitchen bin and hidden it until today. We have just run outside when the truck came and tossed it in the wheelie bin and watched it get tipped into the truck! My son is so excited and has no problems saying goodbye whatsoever. We have waved the bot-bot bye -bye!

Domestic Goddess Mum of Four!

Woops, spellcheck - osteomyelytis!

Domestic Goddess Mum of Four!

Well done's great to hear of our little victories.

You must be so proud of your boy, seeing he was so attached.

Keep up the good work.


Michelle - Mum to 2

wow! congratulations on getting rid of the bottle. i really feel for your son, having to go through all of that at such a young age, it must of been so hard for all of you. is he alright now? i have never heard of it before so not sure what it is. my son who is 20 months old has also just given up his bottle! his was pretty easy as we attended sleep school and they asked me if i wanted to get rid of it and i said yes and that was it, never got offered to him and he never asked for it and he hasnt had it for 5 days now!!!!!
That's excellent baysmummy, it is so much easier when they are younger. His illness really set him back a bit, and made the bottle harder to take away. I felt guilty about trying to take it off him, too because of the hard time he had in hospital. Osteomyelitis is an infection in the bone, which causes abcesses and deterioration of the bone itself. It eats it away. At the stage we caught it, there was a bit of bone damage, but not too severe. He had intensive antibiotics through a central line (in his chest), and oral antibiotics for four weeks after we went home. He had surgery to clear out the bone cavity and then wore a full leg cast for six weeks while the bone regenerated. We also had to have x rays regularly for a few months and blood tests to measure the infection level, every week. So you can see why the bottle was necessary! He has his last (hopefully) bonescan next month and that should be it. It was very hard, because I was pregnant when he was sick and couldn't go into the X-ray room, MRI room or scan room with him. My husband and my mum were always in there while I stood outside the door listening to him screaming for me! It was just awful. Now my baby is born, I can be with him for the next scan which is a great relief. Now with the bottle gone,all I have to do is find another bribe to get him thru the last test!

Domestic Goddess Mum of Four!

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