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Any suggestions for feeding sick kids? Lock Rss

My sons are coming to the end stage of a lovely gastro bug - they are willing to start eating again but are still prone to vomiting if its the wrong type of food (ie: dairy).

The 18mth old is rejecting offerings of homemake chicken soup, toast or dry biscuits etc but will eat a banana. He took a piece of cheese from the fridge and ate it when I wasn't looking. (This I know from the resulting vomit....) So he does want food, just nothing sensible!

Anyone have any good suggestions or recipies for delicate little stomachs?

Jacob and Joshua's mum

we found cold stuff really appealling like ice blocks, frozen fruit - banana frozen is nice and refreshing and simple stuff - when desperate we went back to baby rice - up until he was 20 months old!! I was amazed but he ate it. Also try making some fruit jellies and rice cruskitts were also appealling. Your little one is probably better now but we thought he would starve. Didnt. Is still thriving!!

Good luck


Louise, Vic, mum of Daniel almost 3yrs

My 16 month old son is at the end of a particularly nasty ear infection and chest infection which had him not eating anything for 6 days. He is now taking an interest in food again and at the moment he's most keen on jelly with some two fruits on the side and toast with a little jam or vegemite. As the antibiotics he in on also gave him the runs, I bought some gastrolyte ice blocks and froze them for him, he likes to suck on them and it helps to restore the electrolytes in his body and gives him a little energy from the glucose which is important for kids who have been vomitting or have had the runs. He is still not interested in dinner of any kind, even his favourite of roast chicken and vegies got a turned up nose, but tonight he ate one of those bubble and squeek patties. You buy them frozen and just put them in the oven, they are full of potato and vegies. To my suprise he at the whole thing.
My son is sick often, colds, ear infections, ghastro - you name it, he goes to day care. I find feeding him tinned food for 4 month olds does the trick - the texture is nice and smooth especially if they have a sore throught, although he is 15 months. Also try fruit gels, they keep them hydrated.
I have herd about a vitamin that comes in a liquid form than you can get from a chemist. It is supposed to help your child to gain an appetite again after being unwell. Also i find that when my daughter is unwell or is around children who have the flu, i usually give her a daily dose of Pentivite Vitamins in liquid form. It eases my mind in knowing that she is getting all of the vitamins she needs when she is'nt eating properly.

Karen, 2year toddler

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